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05:31 pm Klever Feature #8562 (New): Add search for marks
It will be useful for user to have ability to manual quick search through all marks.
Possible search criteria for ...


03:22 pm Klever Bug #8315: Creation of marks is extremly slow currently
Works good for me


05:34 pm Klever Bug #8302 (Closed): Collapse reports of Cancelled job loses number of tasks
Cancelled Job doesn't report number of Unsafes, Safes and Unknowns after Collapse reports.
Corresponding job and scr...


04:42 pm Klever Revision 0733bb91: Fix framebuffer_alloc(), edac_mc_alloc(), rsi_91x_deinit(), dev_set_drvdata()


07:03 pm Klever Feature #8292 (Closed): Modify permissions for tags
Require to change current permission model for tags.
Permissions separates into:
1. modification (edit, delete)
02:45 pm Klever Revision ad77afe5: Modify allocation size for edac_mc_alloc


07:47 pm Klever Revision 6b3c072d: Fix configuration misstype
07:36 pm Klever Revision 1beeb284: Specify dev_set_drvdata() and dev_get_drvdata() for Linux 4.6
07:31 pm Klever Revision 1f0a79a6: Add bool IS_ERR() and IS_ERR_OR_NULL()
07:30 pm Klever Revision f2811bd9: Fix deallocation at framebuffer_release() and rsi_91x_deinit()

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