Welcome to the ISP RAS open-source projects!
At the moment this system presents selected projects being developed by the
Software Engineering department.

We focus on advanced R&D in the area of software and hardware testing and
verification methods, tools and technologies. We work both on fundamental
R&D funded by the Russian Academy of Sciences and on industrial R&D projects
funded by our partners such as Linux Foundation, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia and

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Latest news

MicroTESK: MicroTESK 2.4.3 beta released
MicroTESK 2.4.3 beta has been released.
Added by Andrei Tatarnikov 15 days ago

MicroTESK: MicroTESK 2.4.2 beta released
MicroTESK 2.4.2 beta has been released.
Added by Andrei Tatarnikov 22 days ago

QEMU for ARMv8: QEMU ARMv8 Edition v0.1.2 released
QEMU ARMv8 Edition v0.1.2 has been released.
Added by Sergey Smolov 23 days ago

MicroTESK: MicroTESK 2.4.1 beta released
MicroTESK 2.4.1 beta has been released.
Added by Andrei Tatarnikov 30 days ago

MicroTESK: MicroTESK 2.4.0 alpha released
MicroTESK 2.4.0 alpha has been released.
Added by Andrei Tatarnikov about 1 month ago

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Latest projects

  • MicroTESK for MIPS64 (11/08/2016 07:11 am)

    MicroTESK for MIPS64 is a MicroTESK based instruction stream generator (ISG) aimed at functional verification of MIPS64 (Release 6) microprocessors.

    The package can be downloaded from the Files page. Here is an Installation Guide....

  • MicroTESK for Plasma (10/06/2016 02:12 pm)

    A MicroTESK-based test program generator (instruction stream generator) for the Plasma microprocessor.

  • Summer (01/26/2016 10:59 am)
  • КМБ-2015 (11/12/2015 03:02 pm)
  • Материалы конференций (10/02/2015 02:10 pm)

    Выкладываются электронные материалы конференций и семинаров, в работе которых мы участвовали