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12:06 pm Klever Bug #7998 (New): seq_operations specification: Invalid scenario
Current state:...
11:15 am Klever Bug #7997 (Open): Error trace visualization: invalid links
The problem is with the following segment of error trace:...


10:08 am Klever Bug #7986 (New): Support "initialization" via OF_DECLARE
Currently such modules failed with:...


04:42 pm Klever Feature #7962 (Open): Do not repeat the same tags for the same unsafe at unsafes list page
Evgeny Novikov wrote:
> But now I understood that initial opinion wasn't so good as it seemed. Now at the job page n...
04:16 pm Klever Feature #7962 (Open): Do not repeat the same tags for the same unsafe at unsafes list page
Why these numbers are required for users?


08:14 pm Klever Feature #7955: Specification on register_chrdev
Analysis of results of verification of all modules has shown that this kind of problems (including #7956) is a reason...


12:47 am Klever Feature #7960: Split tags field at unsafes list page
A related note. Tag set is a set, same tags coming from different sources (marks) should not be shown twice.


12:36 pm Klever Bug #7948: linux:alloc: misleading comment
Vadim Mutilin wrote:
> Or may be the rule specification should be changed to catch the error at the kfree call point...


06:46 pm Klever Feature #7942: Use models of atomic_dec_and_test and atomic_set for all rule specifications
Model of these functions should be available to all rules.
02:32 pm Klever Bug #7936: Kernel model for dev_set_drvdata
It is an important model for many rules.
Possibly, the problem is in changes between versions in interface and in ...

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