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11:21 am Klever Revision 5fcf4fc2: Resolve some verifiers exceptions
11:20 am Klever Revision 6a6a3c6a: Added witness number for MEA tasks


12:52 pm Klever Revision a87adb29: Fixed same name in Unknown and Unsafe-incomplete reports
12:16 pm Klever Revision 00dbcc46: Small fixes
10:38 am Klever Revision 368af9ed: Corrected resource limitation factor for SC strategy


06:10 pm Klever Revision f9ba942f: Improved Unknown reason text in case of several properties


03:57 pm Klever Revision fb82a92d: Do not track preset config files
Path to verifier executables should be set in those files in order to use them
03:53 pm Klever Revision 94064e87: Added presets for the most common job files
Those presets emulate all old strategies (CMAV, SDV/MPV, Batch, MEA, property automata, etc.)
03:50 pm Klever Revision ae9d0655: Added presets for some verifiers/configs
03:29 pm Klever Revision d1014354: Some tests fixes

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