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03:24 pm Klever Bug #8052 (New): Missed return value of usb_serial_driver->open
In event specification of usb_serial_driver a line "callback return value": "%ret%" should be added to 'open' descrip...


12:05 pm Klever Bug #8051 (Closed): Editing of marks is unavailable after an error
I created an 'unknown mark', filled in a pattern, a problem and a description, but the length of the 'problem' string...


11:40 am Klever Bug #8005 (Closed): Handle exceptions in witness processing
In race analysis multiple unsafes may be obtained. If one witness —Āauses an exception, the other unsafes (even alread...


06:09 pm Klever Bug #7993 (Open): Some attributes are not shown
I ran the same task, middle-weight configuration on the fixed version (branch fix_7993). Now, if I clicked on the uns...
05:20 pm Klever Bug #8003 (Closed): Exception while visualizing error trace
Raise exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/debian/klever/core/core/", line 116,...


07:34 pm Klever Bug #7996 (Closed): Scheduler fails with exception
File "/home/debian/klever-work/../klever/scheduler/bin/../schedulers/", line 175, in launch
03:38 pm Klever Bug #7993: Some attributes are not shown
Real "full-weight" job is attached.
02:42 pm Klever Bug #7993: Some attributes are not shown
It turned out that in the "fullweight" launch all attributes are shown correctly. Just in case I attached a job. Is i...
01:44 pm Klever Bug #7993 (Closed): Some attributes are not shown
The sync:race rule may output several unsafes per module. Strange, but attributes "Linux kernel", "LKVOG strategy" an...


02:41 pm Klever Revision f571c3f8: EMG options insertion

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