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11:50 pm Klever Bug #8443 (Resolved): Error at creation of mark without tags
The bug happened on mark association changes page visualization. There were no problems during mark creation.
I fixe...
08:59 pm Klever Bug #8442: Names of components have been changed and tests and hardcoded names in Bridge should b...
What are new names?


02:18 pm Klever Feature #8354: Visualize total code coverage
Now only verification reports can receive coverage. Do I need to change other component reports so it accept coverage...
02:14 pm Klever Feature #8422 (Resolved): Change the way to calculate the total number of meaningful lines of cod...
Implemented in branch "feature_8422".


12:07 am Klever Feature #8417 (Resolved): Support more flexible file archives passing
Implemented in branch "feature_8417".


01:16 pm Klever Bug #8376 (Resolved): Incorrect filter values when comparing verification job results
Fixed in fix_8376.


09:20 pm Klever Feature #8337 (Resolved): Upload reports without job decision
The master was merged.
09:06 pm Klever Feature #8234 (Resolved): Error traces comparison for races
The master was merged. I've also removed all error trace covert and comparison functions that are not used now and up...
06:29 pm Klever Feature #8241 (Resolved): Reflect all changes at the association changes page


05:12 pm Klever Feature #8241 (Resolved): Reflect all changes at the association changes page
Evgeny Novikov wrote:
> Indeed all these issues are consequences of the original design of that page. It was develop...

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