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06:37 pm Klever Feature #8086 (Open): Remove all files when it becomes clear that they won't be used anymore
Something is wrong here. Short jobs work nicely but verification of all modules hangs sometimes and sometimes leads t...
12:17 pm Klever Bug #8579 (Closed): Progress is not evaluated as 100% for large number of tasks
Fixed, verified and merged to master in 5eb6cfeb.


02:20 pm Klever Bug #8581 (New): Simplify generation of new threads at registrations for instances
If there are several instances of a process then at registration it is possible to check that provided signal paramet...
12:27 pm Klever Bug #8580: Redundant data is stored in job archives for progress
Also when I upload a solved job with the progress caclulated I see redundant "Total tasks to be solved: Estimating th...


04:55 pm Klever Bug #8566 (Feedback): The number of service signing ins does not correspond to the number of serv...
It is balanced properly, but there are strictly two times more sign-in requests because of this:...
01:22 pm Klever Feature #8571 (New): Describe content of verification tasks generated by a multimodule strategy u...
Send the list of included modules and files using new data attributes within component reports.
01:20 pm Klever Feature #8570 (New): Introduce data attributes
Data attributes inherit properties of attributes and data reports. For instance, for multimodule verification tasks i...
01:07 pm Klever Feature #8569 (New): Increase length for problem descriptions up to 20 symbols
The current restriction is 15 symbols.


06:18 pm Klever Bug #8563 (Resolved): Do not send flush requests to VerifierCloud if no tasks available
Implemented in 8563-flush-requests.
06:13 pm Klever Bug #8563 (Closed): Do not send flush requests to VerifierCloud if no tasks available
VerifierCloud scheduler generates too many useless requests.

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