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01:20 pm Klever Bug #8188 (New): IS_ERR is not matched in 4.2.6 for ldv_is_err
In linux 4.2.6...


01:05 pm Klever Feature #7999 (Rejected): Options of the verification tools should not be hardcoded inside Klever
Right now there are a number of places where the source code of Klever contains dependencies on the verification tool...


12:46 pm Linux Kernel Safety RuleDB Task #7958 (New): Never directly free @dev after calling device_add function


03:39 pm Klever Bug #7954 (Closed): Gendisk is not properly initialized for block_device_operations->release

Gendisk ldv_1_block_gendisk which is passed as first parameter to block_device_operations->release is not properly ...


12:33 pm Klever Bug #7935: Remove more auxiliary functions properly
Trace looks OK to me.
Rule comments are misleading, but it is another issue #7948
12:33 pm Klever Bug #7948 (New): linux:alloc: misleading comment
On drivers/video/fb.ko there is a comment...


05:26 pm Klever Bug #7946 (New): linux:kernel:sched:completion: Misleading comment
By the comment ...
04:59 pm Klever Bug #7943 (New): linux:usb:urb allocated memory with kzalloc
ldv_usb_alloc_urb should return memory initialized with zeroes.
Instead of arbitrary memory...


06:14 pm Klever Feature #7942 (New): Use models of atomic_dec_and_test and atomic_set for all rule specifications
See http://ldvstore:8998/reports/unsafe/75886/
Functions atomic_dec_and_test and atomic_set are not modeled while ...
02:03 pm Klever Bug #7940 (New): linux:drivers:base:class should support several allocations of different chrdev

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