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Klever02/15/2017Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7020: Scale content in accordance with screen sizes1.00
Klever02/15/2017Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7164: Support for inlined creation and editing of unsafe marks21.00
Klever01/18/2017Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7864: Some parts of visualized error traces are incorrectly duplicated5.00
Klever01/14/2017Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7821: Incorrectly visualized error trace function call stack padding8.00
Klever01/12/2017Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7848: Can't see lists of unsafes0.20
Klever01/11/2017Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7836: Show progress when saving jobs0.10
Klever12/14/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7802: Bridge throws exception on uploading unknown report1.00
Klever12/09/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7793: Show CPU time for verification tasks1.00
Klever12/06/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7739: Simplify the main page with jobs table0.30
Klever12/06/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7779: The "Stop decision" button does not work 0.50
Klever12/06/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7778: Klever may fail on deleting Unsafe mark1.00
Klever11/28/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #6814: Exclude auxiliary functions of environment models from error traces comparison7.00
Klever11/16/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7640: By default hide all edges from error traces without important annotations10.00
Klever11/16/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7580: Download verifications tasks for the SV-COMP2.00
Klever11/16/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7460: Improve reports comparison 0.50
Klever11/16/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7639: Visualize actions of environment model scenarios20.00
Klever11/16/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7624: Visualize multiple threads in error traces30.00
Klever11/16/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #6813: Hide code of environment model in error traces by default10.00
Klever11/16/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7658: Report error when analyzing error traces and connection is lost0.50
Klever11/16/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7722: Zero number of safes in the table on the main page0.30
Klever11/15/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7620: Decrease error trace assumptions window size if assumptions are disabled1.00
Klever11/15/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7567: Properly parse multi-line function calls0.01
Klever10/26/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7636: Error trace visualizer doesn't complain if meets returns from non-entered functions0.50
Klever10/26/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentBug #7637: Properly determine entry point beginningSome refactoring in error traces is included in the commit.1.00
Klever10/25/2016Vladimir GratinskiyDevelopmentFeature #7624: Visualize multiple threads in error traces12.00

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