Bug #7795

[tarmac-logger] writes to ARMv8 VBAR_EL1 register should not be logged

Added by Sergey Smolov 4 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:12/09/2016
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Category:SimulatorSpent time:-
Target version:2.4
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When running bubble_sort.rb ARMv8 template, the following Tarmac log fragment is generated:

1 clk IT (1) 0000000040180065 d518c000 A svc_ns : msr vbar_el1, x0
1 clk R vbar_el1 0000000000000100

The problem is that only a subset of registers should be logged when something is written to them. VBAR_EL1 is not in this subset.

Here is the complete list of what should be logged:

writes to core registers R0 to R14, CPSR and SPSR, VFP registers such as S0
to S31, D0 to D31, FPSCR, FPEXC, and writes to CP14 and CP15 registers


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