Task #7729

On-demand memory access path exploration (coverage extraction)

Added by Alexander Kamkin about 1 year ago.

Status:NewStart date:11/17/2016
Priority:NormalDue date:12/02/2016
Assignee:Alexander Kamkin% Done:


Category:MMUSpent time:-
Target version:2.4
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New notions to be introduced:

  1. MmuAbstraction<T>: maps an MmuTransition to a T object or null.
    1. MmuAbstraction<T>: allows mapping MemoryAccessPath into List<T>.
      1. List<T>: represents abstract paths.
    2. BufferEventAbstraction: maps MmuTransition to a BufferEvent or null.
  2. AbstractPathExtractor<T>: given an AbstractionFunction and MemoryAccessType returns Map<List<T>, Chooser<MemoryAccessPath>> (where Chooser<T> is an interface with a single method T choose()).
    1. MemoryAccessPathChooser: implements a random-order-traverser-based chooser (collection of the extracted paths is supplemented on every choice).

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