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8046KleverBugResolvedHighVisualization of strings with new lines is brokenEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8045KleverBugNewHighEMG should invoke post_probe() when probe callback is not calledEvgeny NovikovIlja Zakharov
8044KleverBugNewUrgentBridge could not visualize some error tracesEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov
8043KleverBugOpenHighBridge does not indent properly callback calls if some callback fails and then is called second timeEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8041KleverFeatureNewHighImplement an option to allow calls of unspecified callbacks with limited pattern scenarios Ilja ZakharovIlja Zakharov
8040KleverBugNewHighBridge does not log errors if decision configuration from file is not validEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8037KleverBugNewHighBridge should check better for error sizes provided by schedulersEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8035KleverBugNewHighBridge infinitely tries to decide a job if scheduler reports that it is finished but there was not any requests from CoreEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8032KleverFeatureNewNormalNew version of EMG does not call callbacks from arrays of structuresIlja ZakharovIlja Zakharov
8031Deductive Verification Tools for Linux KernelBugNewNormalWhy3IDE не запускается из-за неверной темыEugene Kornykhin
8030Verification Tool SupportsBugNewNormaldismember: отсутствие спецификация для библиотечной функции get_credDenis Efremov
8029Verification Tool SupportsBugNewNormaldismember: неправильное разрешение циклов для функцийDenis Efremov
8027RequalityFeatureNewNormalВ Requality Explorer нужно меню для переименования папок отчетовViktoria Gingina
8026RequalityBugNewNormalУ папок отчетов есть Properties view, соответствующее требованиюViktoria Gingina
8025RequalityBugNewNormalОшибка при запуске генерации отчета из командной строки - NoClassDefFoundErrorViktoria Gingina
8024RequalityBugNewNormalГенерируется с ошибкой отчет Test Purposes Coverage при наличии тестовых ситуацийViktoria Gingina
8020KleverBugNewHighBridge does not corrupt job when Core provides incorrect report attributesEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8019RequalityBugNewNormalФрагменты становятся orphan при переименовании папки документовViktoria Gingina
8017KleverFeatureNewNormalAdd an option for users to see tag sets rather than tag mapsEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8016KleverFeatureResolvedHighLog information and statistics on requestsEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8015KleverBugOpenUrgentProperly block parallel exclusive requestsEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8012KleverBugNewUrgentFix tty_driver allocation/deallocation kernel modelAlexey Khoroshilov
8009KleverFeatureNewHighModel for module_param()Anton VasilyevIlja Zakharov
8008KleverFeatureNewHighThere is no marks shown at comparison page for transitions from Unknown->UnsafeIlja ZakharovVladimir Gratinskiy
8007KleverBugNewHighCannot look at several comparisons simultaneouslyIlja ZakharovVladimir Gratinskiy

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