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8459KleverBugNewHighAfter stopping Bridge it can be hard to stop Native SchedulerEvgeny NovikovIlja Zakharov
8458KleverBugNewUrgentDirectories mismatchEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov1.0
8457RequalityFeatureNewNormalУдобство создания подтребований на тот же уровне в редакторе документаViktoria Gingina
8456KleverFeatureResolvedUrgentKeep reports for special component "Sub-job" in lightweight modeEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy0.2
8453KleverBugNewHighSome rules are broken and cannot be used without CILIlja ZakharovEvgeny Novikov
8452Deductive Verification Tools for Linux KernelBugNewNormalocamlscript в зависимостях сборки jessie2Denis Efremov
8451Deductive Verification Tools for Linux KernelBugNewNormalрусские буквы в путях к файлуDenis EfremovMikhail Mandrykin
8450Deductive Verification Tools for Linux KernelBugNewNormalофициальная инструкция сборки устарелаDenis Efremov
8448KleverBugNewUrgentCurrent version of CPAchecker SMG does not find even trivial bug for its only unsafe test caseEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov0.2
8447KleverBugNewUrgentTest race.c for sync:race failsEvgeny NovikovPavel Andrianov0.3
8446KleverFeatureNewUrgentFix and improve progress reportingEvgeny Novikov0.3
8445KleverFeatureNewUrgentCalculate and visualize useful progressEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy0.3
8441KleverFeatureResolvedUrgentGet input files of verifies by verification task identifiersIlja ZakharovVladimir Gratinskiy0.2
8440KleverBugNewHighError traces comparison function remove does not trigger cache updatesEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8437KleverFeatureNewUrgentGet rid of job classesEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy1.0
8436KleverFeatureNewUrgentSwitch to configuration driven results processingEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov1.0
8435KleverFeatureNewUrgentAlways start up the same Core componentsEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov1.0
8434KleverFeatureNewUrgentGet rid of job classesEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov1.0
8430RetrascopeTaskResolvedNormalmeta-info type for CFG statements that were added by HDL parser backendsSergey SmolovSergey Smolov1.0
8429RetrascopeTaskResolvedNormalbackend that transforms "x[i] := y" assignments into constant-rangedSergey SmolovSergey Smolov1.0
8426KleverFeatureNewHighImprove unknown mark association changes pageEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8425KleverFeatureNewHighAdd support for unknown patterns without regular expressionsEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8424KleverFeatureNewHighShow spinning indicator when associating unknown marksEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8422KleverFeatureResolvedUrgentChange the way to calculate the total number of meaningful lines of code and specially highlight lines of code with zero passes of a verifierEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy0.2
8421RequalityFeatureResolvedNormalСообщение после Commit DocumentAlexey KhoroshilovМаксим Карпов0.21

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