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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version
8220RetrascopeFeatureNewNormalVHDL functions complete supportSergey SmolovSergey Smolov0.2
8207Deductive Verification Tools for Linux KernelBugNewNormaljessie fails to install with coq coqideDenis EfremovMikhail Mandrykin
8202KleverFeatureNewUrgentMove completely BenchExec results processing from schedulers to core VTG componentIlja ZakharovIlja Zakharov
8201KleverFeatureNewUrgentUse container mode for running both tasks and jobsIlja ZakharovIlja Zakharov
8196KleverBugNewHighSet the last provided with a line directory file instead of setting a default one at witness visualizationIlja Zakharov
8194RetrascopeTaskVerifiedNormalSeparately solve independent sub-expressions of common AND expressionSergey SmolovSergey Smolov0.2
8193KleverBugNewHighCalculate and show meaningful consumed resourcesVitaly Mordan
8192KleverBugOpenHighException during empty error trace processingVitaly Mordan
8188KleverBugNewNormalIS_ERR is not matched in 4.2.6 for ldv_is_errVadim Mutilin
8186MicroTESKTaskNewNormalFull support for 'struct' in nmlAlexander ProtsenkoAndrei Tatarnikov
8178KleverFeatureNewHighGet rid of some buttonsEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8176KleverFeatureNewHighReport verification unknowns early if it is clear that verfier does not have capabilities to decide corresponding verification tasksEvgeny NovikovIlja Zakharov
8175KleverFeatureNewUrgentAdd support for high-level interface to static verifiersEvgeny NovikovIlja Zakharov
8174KleverBugNewNormalThe result of Advanced strategy depends on given modulesАлексей ПолушкинАлексей Полушкин
8173KleverFeatureNewHighAdd support for abstract manual verification objects generationEvgeny NovikovАлексей Полушкин
8172KleverBugNewHighUnsafe verdicts of multimodule verification aren't associated with marks for single module verificationАлексей ПолушкинVladimir Gratinskiy
8171KleverBugNewHighGet rid of repeated unknowns during multimodule verificationАлексей ПолушкинАлексей Полушкин
8169MicroTESKBugFeedbackUrgent[tracer] "sub-range in register name" tagsSergey SmolovAndrei Tatarnikov2.4
8168MicroTESKBugFeedbackHigh[tracer] writes to ARMv8 VBAR_EL1 register should not be loggedSergey SmolovAndrei Tatarnikov2.4
8167QEMU for ARMv8TaskNewLowProgram flow tracingSergey SmolovSergey Smolov0.1
8166RequalityBugNewNormalLibre - поправить сортировку закладокViktoria GinginaИван Девицкий
8164QEMU for ARMv8TaskNewNormalProcessor memory access tracingSergey SmolovSergey Smolov0.1
8160RequalityBugNewNormalLibre: странные bookmarkViktoria GinginaИван Девицкий
8159RequalityFeatureNewNormalLibre: обработка лишних пробелов в заголовкахViktoria GinginaИван Девицкий
8158RequalityFeatureNewNormalЗамечания по плагину libreViktoria GinginaИван Девицкий

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