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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version
7996KleverBugNewNormalScheduler fails with exceptionPavel AndrianovIlja Zakharov
7995KleverFeatureFeedbackHighAdd model of get_sb_bdev() function for memory allocationAnton VasilyevIlja Zakharov
7994KleverBugNewHighReport about incorrect settings format rather than some strange issueEvgeny NovikovАлексей Полушкин
7993KleverBugNewImmediateSome attributes are not shownPavel AndrianovVladimir Gratinskiy
7992KleverBugNewUrgentRSB fails at witnesses processing during validation runIlja ZakharovEvgeny Novikov
7990KleverFeatureFeedbackUrgentReinitialize memory for missed probe callbackIlja ZakharovIlja Zakharov
7988KleverFeatureNewNormalAutomatic editing of mark patternsIlja ZakharovVladimir Gratinskiy
7987KleverBugNewHighReplace ldv_thread_create and ldv_thread_join by functions from pthreadsIlja ZakharovIlja Zakharov
7986KleverBugNewNormalSupport "initialization" via OF_DECLAREAlexey Khoroshilov
7985Deductive Verification Tools for Linux KernelBugNewNormalopam: репозиторий недоступен из-за просроченного сертификатаDenis Efremov
79811-Click Eclipse Text EditorFeatureNewNormalИгнорировать код и returns в грамматикеDenis Buzdalov
79801-Click Eclipse Text EditorBugNewNormalЕсли в грамматике есть alias, meragrammar генерируется неправильноDenis Buzdalov
7979KleverFeatureNewHighImplement a EMG translator for simplified environment model with signal exchangeIlja ZakharovIlja Zakharov
7978KleverFeatureNewUrgentAdd more tests for rule specification sync:raceEvgeny NovikovPavel Andrianov
7976KleverBugFeedbackHighWrong callbacks' order for usb_serial_driver modelAnton VasilyevIlja Zakharov
7975KleverBugNewHighFor experts incorrect accesses are shown at the jobs tree pageEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
7972RetrascopeTaskResolvedNormalempty event-free cases merging backendSergey SmolovSergey Smolov0.2
7971KleverFeatureNewUrgentRule specification generic:memory lacks test casesEvgeny NovikovAnton Vasilyev
7970KleverBugResolvedHighBridge doesn't detect changes in associations when changing unsafe mark verdict so that total verdict changes from incompatible to unknownEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
7966KleverFeatureResolvedHighShow verifiers time when filtering pages with lists of safes/unsafesEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
7965KleverFeatureFeedbackUrgentDo not associate callbacks with verification objectsEvgeny NovikovIlja Zakharov
7964KleverFeatureNewHighDo not cause memory issues detection in generated environment modelsEvgeny NovikovIlja Zakharov
7963KleverFeatureOpenHighLog errors during marks creationEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
7962KleverFeatureOpenHighDo not repeat the same tags for the same unsafe at unsafes list pageEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
7959RequalityBugNewNormalВ списке типов List есть ENUM_DEFINITIONDenis Kildishev

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