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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version
8142RequalityBugNewNormalНе обновляется UniEditorViktoria Gingina
8141RequalityBugNewNormalНет возможности сделать Undo после обработки документа Update процессором.Viktoria Gingina
8140RequalityBugNewNormalПроблемы с фрагментами при копировании требованияViktoria Gingina
8139KleverFeatureNewHighOpen folders when clicking their names not only corresponding iconsEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8138KleverFeatureNewNormalDo not place closing rectangles on the separate linesEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8137KleverFeatureNewHighProperly place context switching model commentsEvgeny NovikovIlja Zakharov
8136KleverFeatureNewHighReplace artificial and useless scenario function names with corresponding model commentsEvgeny NovikovIlja Zakharov
8135KleverFeatureNewHighPrecise environment model can reveal bug in a driver that incorrectly uses registration or allocation functionsIlja ZakharovIlja Zakharov
8134KleverFeatureNewHighAlternate colors in rows of different tablesEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8133KleverFeatureNewUrgentSupport easy installation and updates with OpenStackEvgeny Novikov
8132KleverFeatureNewUrgentCreate model headersEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov
8131KleverFeatureNewUrgentDo not introduce notes when assertions are satisfiedEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov
8130KleverFeatureNewNormalAllow to additionally highlight actions with the same entities and allow to hide their highlights at allEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8129KleverFeatureNewUrgentGet rid of model function commentsEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov
8128KleverFeatureNewNormalSupport model comments parametrizationEvgeny Novikov
8127KleverFeatureNewHighClarify model comments a bitEvgeny NovikovIlja Zakharov
8125RequalityBugNewNormalНекорректно работает Undo изменения Id.Viktoria Gingina
8124KleverBugNewUrgentLinux kernel parts become verification objects while modules can be lostEvgeny NovikovАлексей Полушкин
8123KleverFeatureNewHighIntroduce abstract verification objects generatorEvgeny NovikovАлексей Полушкин
8122KleverFeatureNewHighWarn users if job was changed after it was solvedEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8121KleverFeatureNewUrgentDo not check final state if modules can't be uploaded Evgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov
8120KleverFeatureNewHighExecute intensive disk operations using RAMEvgeny Novikov
8119KleverFeatureNewUrgentDevelop preset unsafe tagsEvgeny NovikovEvgeny Novikov
8118KleverFeatureNewHighSupport more granular tag rights Evgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy
8117KleverFeatureNewHighShow user accesses at job pageEvgeny NovikovVladimir Gratinskiy

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