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05:03 PM Klever Feature #9692 (Feedback): Investigate whether Juliet license permits to include test cases into Klever preset validation job
According to official site for "Juliet Test Suite for C/C++":
"This softw...
Anton Vasilyev


01:57 PM Klever Bug #9393 (Rejected): Problem with memleak visualization on absent return from void function
For void functions with absent return:... Anton Vasilyev


06:29 PM Klever Bug #9378 (Resolved): Wrong assume for ERR_PTR and PTR_ERR
Fixed in fix_9378 Anton Vasilyev
06:24 PM Klever Bug #9378 (Closed): Wrong assume for ERR_PTR and PTR_ERR
Require to provide consistency of ldv_is_err with assumptions at ldv_err_ptr and ldv_ptr_err. Anton Vasilyev
06:25 PM Klever Revision 2f5722da: Fix assumptions at ERR_PTR and PTR_ERR for consistency with IS_ERR
Anton Vasilyev


07:28 PM Klever Bug #8967: Download files for competition does not allow to choose Unknowns
Please check that file names at archive aren't duplicated when job contains different revisions like in Validation pr... Anton Vasilyev


09:06 PM Klever Revision 7a7e7e92: Modify scsi_host specification due to change scsi_host.h in 4.17
Anton Vasilyev
08:41 PM Klever Revision e32322bc: Add specifications for Linux 4.17 as a copy of 4.15
Anton Vasilyev
07:07 PM Klever Revision 62f968fc: Add packages for Linux 4.15 build
Anton Vasilyev
07:03 PM Klever Revision 8eb7a346: Remove duplicate of target_backend test. Add fp tests for Linux 4.15
Anton Vasilyev

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