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Инструменты дедуктивной верификации моделей политик безопасности Manager, Developer 02/15/2022
BuildBase Manager, Developer 10/11/2018
Local Support Project Technical Writer 12/10/2021
Requality Manager, Developer 10/01/2012



06:42 PM Requality Revision 1914351d (requality): changes from cookies to session storage
fixes logs level on servlet
fixes params reloading on tabs change (on projects and roots)
varStorage was changed to i...
Denis Kildishev


08:28 PM Requality Revision d0734437 (requality): quite more proper "loading" state hanling for reports
fixes problem with sockets script in report calling for not loaded func
adds content length for some out data
Denis Kildishev
08:19 PM Requality Bug #13120 (Open): Безрезультатное первое нажатие на ссылку для файла ODT
нет, пока все-таки проблемы с этой ссылкой окончательно не решены Denis Kildishev
07:33 PM Requality Bug #13120 (Resolved): Безрезультатное первое нажатие на ссылку для файла ODT
Applied in changeset commit:requality|9cdb849f5623332e530bd625d0f05ffecd2d43e3. Denis Kildishev
07:32 PM Requality Revision 9cdb849f (requality): fixes:#13120;
also adds consts to report out Denis Kildishev
07:31 PM Requality Bug #13121 (Resolved): Отчет закрывается после открытия через некоторое время
Denis Kildishev
07:12 PM Requality Bug #13122 (Resolved): Не работают кнопки Add test в coverage отчете
Applied in changeset commit:requality|f0233fa0377360188727778fd32c0f69df3cc4a5. Denis Kildishev
07:11 PM Requality Revision f0233fa0 (requality): fixes:#13122;fixes:#13121;
Denis Kildishev


07:54 PM Requality Revision 0419f896 (requality): rename debug messages and reduces its visibility
attempt to fix report disconnection problem Denis Kildishev
07:34 PM Requality Bug #13126 (Resolved): Ошибка при загрузке изменений в репозиторий
Applied in changeset commit:req-gitp|ac1711eefef18c254774ef586161c92d6fbab9d5. Denis Kildishev

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