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Инструменты дедуктивной верификации моделей политик безопасности Manager, Developer 02/15/2022
BuildBase Manager, Developer 10/11/2018
Local Support Project Technical Writer 12/10/2021
Requality Manager, Developer 10/01/2012



11:00 PM Requality Revision cf0ac458 (requality): quite better locks on resourceStorage
first version of stored version update(still bugged process ending) Denis Kildishev


02:49 PM Requality Revision b595c1d5 (req-gitp): new gititerator mode for returning null when git cache is not
inited(especially for attributes call)
moves setTreeNode related actions of nodeversions to separate thread
Denis Kildishev
02:45 PM Requality Revision 5a94d545 (req-gitp): Merge branch 'unstable' of into unstable
Denis Kildishev
02:45 PM Requality Revision 51c770af (req-gitp): initial version of revisions manager
Denis Kildishev
02:45 PM Requality Revision 2a1a1f5e (req-gitp): adds getrev method
Denis Kildishev
02:45 PM Requality Revision ae5a7b05 (req-gitp): unsended state of art
Denis Kildishev
02:45 PM Requality Revision b8db0497 (req-gitp): changes getRev
Denis Kildishev
12:01 AM Requality Revision 33e97787 (requality): fillup markup extractor and adds related code allowing to use nodedescs
in oldMarkup processor Denis Kildishev


10:58 PM Requality Revision 80957057 (requality): fixes selection source late init on changeActiveSource action
Denis Kildishev


08:53 PM Requality Bug #11607 (New): Разметка не поддерживатся внутри содержимого frame
На новой версии разметки механизмы работы с ней не функционируют внутри фреймов.
Требуется поддержать работу внутри ...
Denis Kildishev

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