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Инструменты дедуктивной верификации моделей политик безопасности Manager, Developer 02/15/2022
BuildBase Manager, Developer 10/11/2018
Local Support Project Technical Writer 12/10/2021
Requality Manager, Developer 10/01/2012



12:08 AM Requality Revision 3942bc69 (requality_test): Merge branch 'unstable' of into unstable
Denis Kildishev
12:07 AM Requality Revision e9ae07b8 (requality_test): move code to separate folder
partial fix for gradle script to run tests from gradle Denis Kildishev


07:54 PM Requality Revision 42acebe3 (requality_test): adds triggered job
Denis Kildishev
07:53 PM Requality Revision 49eaad75 (requality): separate eclipse build from common build
adds deploy and test stage Denis Kildishev
07:50 PM Requality Revision 5f543d77 (requality_test): part of fix for gradle scipt
part of experimental ci settings Denis Kildishev
07:26 PM Requality Revision b912a863 (requality): adds posibility to use external monitors on processes(including eclipse
transaction storages now may have dedicated progress monitor
first implementation was added for project settings...
Denis Kildishev
04:03 PM Requality Revision 51d7f36b (requality): Merge branch 'unstable' of into unstable
Denis Kildishev
03:22 PM Requality Revision 229fa302 (requality): remove unneeded init
Denis Kildishev
03:21 PM Requality Revision 64670743 (requality): remove unneeded init
Denis Kildishev


09:51 PM Requality Revision 8d09e922 (requality_test): adds one more tracker version(memory-like) for tests
core-related changes of interfaces
rename some libs
fixes buildscript
fixes tests and adapt it for current model
Denis Kildishev

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