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Инструменты дедуктивной верификации моделей политик безопасности Manager, Developer 02/15/2022
BuildBase Manager, Developer 10/11/2018
Local Support Project Technical Writer 12/10/2021
Requality Manager, Developer 10/01/2012



10:19 PM Requality Revision 8f8a6287 (requality): fix null loc case
returns back window.sel because of non-eclipse running problems
fixes problem with location seleciton change
still we...
Denis Kildishev
04:44 PM Requality Bug #11883 (Resolved): "Remove selected location" удаляет все фрагменты в документе
Applied in changeset commit:requality|12985a7c863eee0b5291ee7ed27fb50947030e6b. Denis Kildishev
04:43 PM Requality Revision 12985a7c (requality): fixes:#11883; more proper delete for location
also fix for some calls of menu on nodes with html-breaking chars in
removes "no location" messages
Denis Kildishev
03:46 PM Requality Bug #11903 (Resolved): Тормозит синхронизация между Requality Explorer и Markup Editor
Applied in changeset commit:requality|4f79d4e0dfd51f8384e36b67801b7ce60cd80a1d. Denis Kildishev
03:46 PM Requality Revision 02957442 (requality): changes getSelection to rangy call because var is commonly in wrong
state Denis Kildishev
03:45 PM Requality Revision 4f79d4e0 (requality): fixes:#11903;
Denis Kildishev
02:36 PM Requality Bug #11879 (Resolved): В Markup Editor меню на фрагменте уезжает за край окна
Applied in changeset commit:requality|bc62f1ab923c12603be353abd0915bd899b130ce. Denis Kildishev
02:36 PM Requality Revision 334c6274 (requality): normalize some intents
Denis Kildishev
02:35 PM Requality Revision bc62f1ab (requality): fixes:#11879;
Denis Kildishev


10:02 PM Requality Revision 0b1b6cb5 (requality): tends to fix problem with parallel sending of messages
Denis Kildishev

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