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Race Hound Manager, Developer 09/25/2012
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Runtime Verification Developer 01/13/2023



11:27 PM KEDR Revision 1e16e8da: Move call to ring_buffer_reset outside of cb_lock-protected section
Function ring_buffer_reset shouldn't be called in atomic context. As cb_lock protects only callbacks list, resetting ... Andrey Tsyvarev


06:56 PM KEDR Revision 3a32c8cc: Make target detection mechanism in KEDR core to work with concurrent modules loading.
Add test to check that payload events come in correct order. Andrey Tsyvarev
06:46 PM KEDR Revision c5817299: Rename 'top_half_lock' to 'stack_entry_lock', as it used primary for protect stack entries.
'klc_handle_event' doesn't require locking itself, fix that in 'kedr_lc_handle_alloc' and 'kedr_lc_handle_free' funct... Andrey Tsyvarev


04:13 PM KEDR Revision a42133fc: Fix locking for previous patch.
Andrey Tsyvarev


05:01 PM KEDR Revision a8076db2: Make Leak Check supported "several targets" mode.
All statistic files are now created directly in debugfs dir (/sys/kernel/debug/leak_check),
additional directory name...
Andrey Tsyvarev


09:19 PM KEDR Revision b29db66d: Remove usage of deleted kedr_capture_trace from the test.
Andrey Tsyvarev
08:02 PM KEDR Revision 7d3b7ccb: Make kedr_trace working with several targets.
kedr_trace module has been seriously reworked, so blocking and non-blocking reads of the trace doesn't require timeou... Andrey Tsyvarev


09:21 AM KEDR Revision f1228025: Fix usage of module_param_cb() in kedr core module.
In fault simulation payload template initialize all structure fields for terminating point's descriptor.
This prevent...
Andrey Tsyvarev


02:07 PM KEDR Revision 5d67b8d8: Add support for several targets for KEDR.
Several targets can be given using ',', ';' or '\n' delimiter between targets names.
New callbacks are added for pay...
Andrey Tsyvarev


08:49 PM KEDR Revision ec4a7e9c: Fix module for try, whether module parameters are created using operation structure.
Andrey Tsyvarev

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