Pavel Andrianov





11:17 AM Klever Revision 626211ca: Update most of tests for sync:race


05:29 PM Klever Bug #8555 (New): Hide information about user access to a job for users with weak access
Now 'Observer' users can find total information about other users access to a job. Moreover, an 'observer' can click ...
04:56 PM Klever Bug #8553 (Closed): Jobs with no access are shown as child jobs
If a user has no access to a job, it is not shown in the job tree, but is still shown as a child of a parent job at t...


01:14 PM Klever Bug #8511 (Closed): Klever does not remove old jobs
The report was uploaded with "Upload report" successfully. When we try to remove or reupload, Bridge fails with


10:51 AM Klever Bug #8460: Klever stops solving tasks
With 'keep working directory' disabled Klever fails at the third task with 'Corrupted'. I do not know why, because th...


02:01 PM Klever Bug #8460 (Closed): Klever stops solving tasks
Klever successfully solves one task and starts preparing the next one. It creates task directory, puts client.json an...


04:45 PM Klever Feature #7978: Add more tests for rule specification sync:race
Few more tests are available in branch races_tests. Other part of tests will be uploaded soon.
04:43 PM Klever Bug #8439 (Resolved): Tests for sync:race are broken
Tests are fixed in branch _test_fixes_
04:41 PM Klever Revision 1126054e: Fix of two broken tests
04:38 PM Klever Revision 2e6ded72: Few more tests

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