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05:45 PM Klever Bug #9200: Marks with zero similarity participate in 'incompatible' marks
What do you mean by 'action'? If you have one mark 'bug' for an error trace with 100% similarity and one mark 'false ...


04:30 PM Klever Bug #9201 (New): One more bug with incompatible marks
The case is the following. There are two marks, one of them is marked as confirmed, another - as unconfirmed. The uns...
04:19 PM Klever Bug #9200 (New): Marks with zero similarity participate in 'incompatible' marks
Marks with zero similarity are considered, when 'incompatible marks' are calculated. Such marks are hidden by default...
04:13 PM Klever Bug #9199 (New): Pages are missed
If I choose to view _safes_, _unsafes_ or _unknowns_, which number is rather large, the information report are shown ...


05:17 PM Klever Feature #9193: Continue sorting out sync:race tests
Yes, the moved tests should be removed from _/todo_ folder.
Ideal verdicts are also correct, as I think, except o...


03:02 PM Klever Revision 8c73bf12: CPALockator update
03:00 PM Klever Revision 6dad3cc0: CPALockator update
12:23 PM Klever Feature #9099: Update CPALockator
Update CPALockator to 28911 (in branch new_tests_for_races). Attributes, including identifier name are printed into w...
12:22 PM Klever Revision 34eee177: Update CPALockator version with attributes printing


10:53 AM Klever Feature #9099: Update CPALockator
This is not a bug, vice versa, the change fixes an existed bug. The identifier is based on variable definition: int v...

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