Pavel Andrianov





03:51 PM Klever Feature #10684 (New): References to sources sometimes are shown under the border of sources area.
If a target function is below then half of the sources area (right one) on the error trace page, the popup menu with ... Pavel Andrianov


04:26 PM Klever Feature #10635: Adapt and document KLEVER for usage in CI
Are there any plans to merge the branch in the nearest future? Pavel Andrianov


12:29 PM Klever Revision 5368ac00: More handlers
Pavel Andrianov


11:24 AM Klever Bug #10648 (New): Useless double assignment in EMG
In emg_register_netdev there is a double assignment like
@emg_7_ret = ldv_undef_int();@
Seems, one of them is use...
Pavel Andrianov


03:21 PM Klever Feature #10640 (New): Add an ability to show difference of coverage reports
If you have two similar launches, for example, for two kernel configurations, you may need to look at difference, par... Pavel Andrianov


12:58 PM Klever Feature #10631 (New): Compress the space for lightweight mark on the Unsafe page
When a user wants to create a lightweight mark, he needs to scroll the page, as the lightweight mark information take... Pavel Andrianov
08:25 AM Klever Feature #10630 (Closed): Improve auto-search of tags
As there are a lot of tags now, it is helpful, when they are searched by a couple of letters. Right now the search is... Pavel Andrianov
08:19 AM Klever Feature #10629 (New): Move "attributes" and "code coverage data" from the center of unsafe page
Consider unsafe page. Attributes and code coverage data are used less then operations with error trace and marks, but... Pavel Andrianov


11:11 AM Klever Bug #10612: View names are not shown for a user
OK, I see. It really works, but I cannot imagine, that a normal user found such sequence. Is it possible somehow refa... Pavel Andrianov


10:53 AM Klever Bug #10612: View names are not shown for a user
Upd. The name of the view is correctly shown for the other page. So, if I close the page, where I created the view, a... Pavel Andrianov

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