Pavel Andrianov





01:28 PM Klever Feature #8704 (New): Support processing of multiple error traces per one unsafe report
To reduce amount of uploaded sources and the total number of reports it is needed to process multiple error traces pe...


11:17 AM Klever Revision 626211ca: Update most of tests for sync:race


05:29 PM Klever Bug #8555 (New): Hide information about user access to a job for users with weak access
Now 'Observer' users can find total information about other users access to a job. Moreover, an 'observer' can click ...
04:56 PM Klever Bug #8553 (Closed): Jobs with no access are shown as child jobs
If a user has no access to a job, it is not shown in the job tree, but is still shown as a child of a parent job at t...


01:14 PM Klever Bug #8511 (Closed): Klever does not remove old jobs
The report was uploaded with "Upload report" successfully. When we try to remove or reupload, Bridge fails with


10:51 AM Klever Bug #8460: Klever stops solving tasks
With 'keep working directory' disabled Klever fails at the third task with 'Corrupted'. I do not know why, because th...


02:01 PM Klever Bug #8460 (Closed): Klever stops solving tasks
Klever successfully solves one task and starts preparing the next one. It creates task directory, puts client.json an...


04:45 PM Klever Feature #7978: Add more tests for rule specification sync:race
Few more tests are available in branch races_tests. Other part of tests will be uploaded soon.
04:43 PM Klever Bug #8439 (Resolved): Tests for sync:race are broken
Tests are fixed in branch _test_fixes_
04:41 PM Klever Revision 1126054e: Fix of two broken tests

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