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Klever Developer RO 09/04/2015
Linux Driver Verification Developer 07/13/2012
BLAST Reporter 08/20/2012
LDV Tools Developer 03/17/2018
CPAchecker Developer 07/28/2018
CVC3 with small optimizations for BLAST Developer 07/25/2018
Linux Kernel Safety RuleDB Developer 07/13/2012
Requality Developer 04/29/2020



04:15 PM Klever Revision 3579ecdb: Add support of reports' images. Render mxGraph for these images.
Vladimir Gratinskiy


11:40 AM Klever Revision 3d133c82: Lock model for some operations that can fail in parallel executions.
Vladimir Gratinskiy
10:16 AM Klever Revision 795f8fff: Merge branch 'master' into bridge-parallel-upload
Vladimir Gratinskiy


05:18 PM Klever Revision a4e30e5f: Add "Default" mode for each case. Set it by default if configuration is not inherited (restart decision or copy decision cases). Remove "Reset" button. Use user default configuration on "Start with default configuration" action.
Vladimir Gratinskiy
11:21 AM Klever Revision d0b676b5: Hide message after changing default configuration in 3 seconds.
Vladimir Gratinskiy
11:05 AM Klever Revision 0a9f40a3: Reset to default klever core mode on default configuration reset.
Vladimir Gratinskiy
10:19 AM Klever Revision 5b17d716: Show nice configuration for decisions in table too.
Vladimir Gratinskiy


08:24 PM Klever Revision 8dea6742: Add modal with configuration on decision page. Move download configuration button inside it.
Vladimir Gratinskiy
07:03 PM Klever Feature #10943 (Resolved): Add ability to use current job decision configuration by default
Implemented in branch "bridge-10943". Vladimir Gratinskiy
04:22 PM Klever Feature #9795 (Resolved): Highlight all occurrences of pointed identifiers
Implemented for safes and unknowns in branch bridge-9795. Vladimir Gratinskiy

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