Ilya Shchepetkov





01:43 PM Clade Revision 83efc828: Adjust format of deps files
Ilya Shchepetkov
01:39 PM Clade Revision 27795167: Adjust format of deps files
Ilya Shchepetkov
01:00 PM Clade Revision b90a5aac: Remove -MP from cc_preprocessor_opts
Ilya Shchepetkov


03:13 PM Clade Revision 3848a0a2: Slightly tweak storing versions of used tools
Ilya Shchepetkov
02:59 PM Klever Feature #10101: Deploy addons and build bases within base images
Recent changes in the improve-openstack-deployment branch make implementing this feature rather easy. However, potent... Ilya Shchepetkov
02:40 PM Klever Feature #9356 (Resolved): Do not deploy the same build bases
Implemented in the improve-openstack-deployment branch using rsync. Now Klever sources, addons and build bases are de... Ilya Shchepetkov
02:38 PM Klever Feature #10418 (Resolved): Download archives immediately to OpenStack instances
Implemented in the improve-openstack-deployment branch. Now OpenStack scripts simply execute local deployment on the ... Ilya Shchepetkov


07:37 PM Clade Revision 450feaff: Fix link in GitHub Actions badge
Ilya Shchepetkov
07:29 PM Clade Revision a66b8514: Fix getting clade_version
Ilya Shchepetkov
07:10 PM Clade Revision 489fb89b: Store versions of all used tools
Ilya Shchepetkov

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