Ilya Shchepetkov





05:59 PM Klever Revision e7c43021: Change the structure of Klever docs
11:54 AM Klever Feature #8932 (Closed): Online Klever documentation
I made an online version of the Klever documentation using Read the Docs service:
It ...
11:29 AM Klever Revision dec99db8: Add link to online Klever documentation
Change documentation theme to Read the Docs sphinx theme


03:23 PM C Instrumentation Framework Feature #6828: Update CIF to GCC 7.3.0
GCC 7.3.0 is merged to Aspectator in the aspectator-7.3.0 branch of the CIF repository.
As a result, some segmenta...
03:07 PM C Instrumentation Framework Revision 9d2a2e71: Update aspectator submodule
03:06 PM C Instrumentation Framework Revision 8e6a109f: Remove Perl version of CIF
03:06 PM C Instrumentation Framework Revision a39ba36c: Add new sizetype test
03:02 PM C Instrumentation Framework Revision f2d1a5cb: Rewrite Makefile
- remove obsolete linux-unwind patch
- remove aspectator prerequisites - use aspectator/contrib/download_prerequisite...
02:51 PM Aspectator Revision f26619be: Merge branch 'master' (gcc-7_3_0-release) into aspectator
02:41 PM Aspectator Revision c8410f5a: Merge gcc-7_3_0-release

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