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AstraVer Toolset Manager, Developer, Project Creator 04/26/2018
Дополнительные материалы к монографии Manager, Developer, Project Creator 04/28/2018
Инструменты дедуктивной верификации моделей политик безопасности Manager, Developer, Project Creator 04/26/2018
C Instrumentation Framework Developer RO 12/29/2012
Aspectator Developer, Developer RO 02/27/2018
Clade Manager, Developer, Project Creator 02/22/2018
Kartographer Manager, Developer 11/18/2015
MicroTESK for PowerPC Developer 10/21/2016
Klever Developer RO 09/04/2015
Linux Driver Verification Developer 07/11/2012
BLAST Reporter 08/20/2012
LDV Tools Developer 03/17/2018
CPAchecker Developer 07/28/2018
CVC3 with small optimizations for BLAST Developer 07/25/2018
Linux Kernel Safety RuleDB Developer 07/11/2012



10:47 AM C Instrumentation Framework Revision 568cd926: Fix some warnings of clang-tidy
Ilya Shchepetkov


04:33 PM Clade Revision d930f1d0: Bump version to v3.6
Ilya Shchepetkov
04:00 PM Clade Revision 49a1da08: Update to use new CIF version
Warning: it is incompatible with the previous one, since it parses
command line options a bit differently
Ilya Shchepetkov
02:05 PM Clade Revision d7132b56: Fix an issue with execvp and execv
Environment was not correctly updated for a child process,
so it contained original unmodified values. Due to this, p...
Ilya Shchepetkov


12:24 AM Clade Revision 2ff5e3c1: Bump version to v3.5.1
Ilya Shchepetkov
12:23 AM Clade Revision bdab832f: Improve LD support for macOS
Ilya Shchepetkov
12:20 AM Clade Revision e796814b: Create configuration options for ccache
Ilya Shchepetkov


06:57 PM Clade Revision 09c7eb67: Add preliminary ccache support
Ilya Shchepetkov
01:10 PM Clade Revision a891d697: Replace error message
Ilya Shchepetkov


01:10 PM Clade Revision 04a47aa5: Bumb version to v3.5
Ilya Shchepetkov

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