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Deductive Verification Tools for Linux Kernel Manager, Developer 03/18/2019
CIL Manager 06/06/2018
C Instrumentation Framework Manager, Developer RO, Project Creator 06/05/2012
Aspectator Manager, Developer, Developer RO, Project Creator 02/27/2018
Clade Manager, Developer 02/22/2018
Kartographer Reporter 11/19/2015
Race Hound Manager, Developer 11/22/2012
Klever Manager, Developer RO, Project Creator 09/03/2015
Linux Driver Verification Manager, Developer 06/09/2010
BLAST Reporter 09/16/2011
LDV Tools Manager, Developer 03/17/2018
CPAchecker Manager, Developer 07/28/2018
CVC3 with small optimizations for BLAST Manager, Developer 07/25/2018
Linux Kernel Safety RuleDB Manager, Developer 10/25/2011



08:31 PM C Instrumentation Framework Revision 6ca9de86: Specify how to debug the instrumentation stage
Evgeny Novikov
08:31 PM Aspectator Revision 414e3692: Fix typos in comments
Evgeny Novikov
08:30 PM Aspectator Revision ba652c62: Print declaration just after the close brace
This fixes test_simple, but breaks some other tests. More investigation
and fixes are necessary.
Evgeny Novikov
08:21 PM Aspectator Revision d42e768e: Revert "Fix instrumentation of the last function"
This reverts commit 8a51719ead2dc925da9d1978f4935df941222ece.
New GCC properly calculates location of close braces f...
Evgeny Novikov


06:55 PM Klever Revision 47129d1d: Update CIL to f1aab7d
Evgeny Novikov
06:55 PM Klever frama-c-cil-f1aab7d.tar.xz
Evgeny Novikov


01:15 PM Klever Feature #10945 (Closed): Allow to add savepoints for the main process
Tests passed, so I merged the branch to master in commit:e043fa7cf. Do not forget to reflect this change in the user ... Evgeny Novikov
11:55 AM Klever Revision e043fa7c: Merge branch 'master' into entry-savepoints
Evgeny Novikov
11:54 AM Klever Revision 5971fe8d: Ignore undefined/non-modelled schedule()
It does not seem an important function for current verification
Evgeny Novikov
11:54 AM Klever Revision 11280d63: Fix model of kill_mtd_super()
Evgeny Novikov

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