Evgeny Novikov





12:30 PM C Instrumentation Framework Revision 6984f78b: Update Aspectator and add one more test case
11:40 AM Aspectator Revision fdee3735: Use more appropriate approach for reporting LDV specific errors
1. Do not use internal errors since they stop further instrumentation.
2. Switch all warnings to errors as most of th...


06:21 PM Aspectator Revision 28fd9c6b: Do not fail when line is 0
This is the case when locations are built-in.
06:15 PM Aspectator Revision e5e4cff6: C back-end converter starts to fail for all warnings
Most of these warnings do correspond to errors and different tools will
likely fail later on produced code.
05:21 PM Aspectator Revision afede7e0: Rename LDV_CONVERT_WARN with LDV_CONVERT_ERROR
This macro does fail C-Backend.


04:48 PM C Instrumentation Framework Revision 7950381e: Add test case for vector types
Vector types are not supported and test is not run.
04:46 PM C Instrumentation Framework Revision 5cfe2ad4: Update Aspectator
04:44 PM C Instrumentation Framework Bug #4398: Aspectator and C back-end should support GCC vector type
It seems that to support this normally we need to do many things because of GCC operates with specific types internal...
03:10 PM Aspectator Revision b1399c6f: Fix build warnings
12:13 PM C Instrumentation Framework Bug #6761 (Resolved): float_expr and rdiv_expr aren't supported
I added support for all mentioned expressions in commit:2c01a9c. More tests are needed.

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