Evgeny Novikov





07:51 AM C Instrumentation Framework Feature #6486: Get rid of auxiliary functions if possible
Although this is a nice thing to do, it is too hard to implement. So, I suggest to do #9935 instead. That issue will ... Evgeny Novikov
07:49 AM C Instrumentation Framework Feature #9935 (New): Get rid of auxilary function duplicates
At the moment Aspectator creates an auxiliary function for each matched join point. Often is is redundant since corre... Evgeny Novikov


02:38 PM C Instrumentation Framework Bug #9574 (Closed): Fix support of wide character strings
It seems that it works since nobody complains thus far. Evgeny Novikov
01:21 PM Klever Revision d352a7b3: Update Frama-C (CIL)
Evgeny Novikov
01:20 PM Klever frama-c-cil-8ded734.tar.xz
Evgeny Novikov
12:19 PM Klever Feature #9934 (New): Specify concrete settings for fragmentation
At the moment there may be some non-particular "default" settings. I suggest to specify the concrete ones like "separ... Evgeny Novikov


12:38 PM Klever Revision 7a369eef: Grant rights for additional directories
Evgeny Novikov
10:18 AM Klever Revision fb2433b2: Fix CIL version
Evgeny Novikov
09:40 AM Klever Feature #9931 (New): Introduce specific comments and error trace actions to distinguish important environment models
Some environment models can result in faults. Typical examples are the following:
# Assertions can fail within _ld...
Evgeny Novikov


08:36 PM Klever Revision 85cadcb3: Revert "Update Frama-C (CIL) and option to shrink initializers"
This reverts commit 473101232c328fefee0be851721297e1e3323c56. Evgeny Novikov

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