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12:35 PM Klever Revision cab50fba: Update deployment scripts to meet Klever 3.0
Evgeny Novikov
10:41 AM Klever Feature #8989: Allow to populate just jobs/marks/tags
Evgeny Novikov wrote:
> Vladimir Gratinskiy wrote:
> > Population is not a developer feature. It's needed for deplo...
Evgeny Novikov


03:42 PM Klever Feature #9610: Show actual Frama-C (CIL) failures
This is especially important for lightweight mode since there is no information on real failures of Frama-C (CIL) in ... Evgeny Novikov
03:21 PM Klever build-base-linux-3.14.79-x86_64-allmodconfig.tar.xz
Evgeny Novikov
03:19 PM Klever Revision 795be3be: Warn if resulting code coverage is empty
Evgeny Novikov
03:19 PM Klever Revision fd075b22: Avoid bug when C source files were excluded due to excluding headers
Evgeny Novikov
03:19 PM Klever Revision 62e40032: Do not include *.aux files in partial coverage
These files are not even uploaded as additional source files. Evgeny Novikov
12:11 PM Klever Revision 60bfd67a: Relax check since coverage statistics may be empty dictionary
This is not great and perhaps there is some bug in Core or in verifier,
but let's Bridge will not corrupt correspondi...
Evgeny Novikov


03:55 PM Klever Revision b611f5a4: Do not fail on non UTF-8 source files
Evgeny Novikov
03:31 PM Klever Revision 555496c1: Process source files in parallel
Evgeny Novikov

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