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Deductive Verification Tools for Linux Kernel Manager, Developer 03/18/2019
CIL Manager 06/06/2018
C Instrumentation Framework Manager, Developer RO, Project Creator 06/05/2012
Aspectator Manager, Developer, Developer RO, Project Creator 02/27/2018
Clade Manager, Developer 02/22/2018
Kartographer Reporter 11/19/2015
Race Hound Manager, Developer 11/22/2012
Klever Manager, Developer RO, Project Creator 09/03/2015
Linux Driver Verification Manager, Developer 06/09/2010
BLAST Reporter 09/16/2011
LDV Tools Manager, Developer 03/17/2018
CPAchecker Manager, Developer 07/28/2018
CVC3 with small optimizations for BLAST Manager, Developer 07/25/2018
Linux Kernel Safety RuleDB Manager, Developer 10/25/2011



05:07 PM Klever Feature #10829 (New): Implement new access scheme
When the new access scheme will be developed, it will be necessary to implement it in Bridge. Evgeny Novikov
05:06 PM Klever Feature #10828 (New): Suggest new access scheme
When bricks will be describe, it will be possible to develop a new access scheme for them. Evgeny Novikov
05:04 PM Klever Feature #10827 (New): Describe entities and actions on them
It seems that our current access scheme is not great since different issues arise from time to time (#7975, #10824). ... Evgeny Novikov
04:28 PM Klever Bug #10826: Klever uploads witnesses very slow
Usually we do not deal with such amount of large witnesses, so, delays are not vital. For your example this is not th... Evgeny Novikov


03:41 PM Klever Revision 3f4a376c: Ignore all exceptions from chmod
Sometimes, e.g. when executing installation after switching to root,
there is not an expected home directory, say, /h...
Evgeny Novikov
01:46 PM Klever Revision 205b61a8: Print apt-get STDOUT that is strictly necessary in the interactive mode
The fix was suggested by Ilya Schepetkov who broke this recently. Evgeny Novikov
11:51 AM Klever Revision 9f97e544: Add reference to the paper within Tutorial
Evgeny Novikov
11:41 AM Klever Feature #10820 (New): Show code coverage status for locations where a given entity is referenced
Kirill Shilimanov suggested a good improvement that will help to investigate code coverage for safes and unknowns, na... Evgeny Novikov
11:35 AM Klever Revision 95df8a5b: Add missed key for code coverage cache
Though nothing is assigned for that key ever, JCR can fail suddenly with
KeyError exception.
Evgeny Novikov


04:14 PM Klever Revision cd7b93d0: Fix notes from Ilja
Evgeny Novikov

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