Ilja Zakharov





07:32 PM Klever Revision 7b7e3586: Improve specifications a bit
12:23 PM Klever Revision 39baf30a: Add a new rule to BB preset to start by default


01:42 PM Klever Feature #9413 (Rejected): Set total verdict and total similarity more precisely on base of automatic marks assotiation
Currently on the page with all unsafes total similarity is caclulated as an average value. In practice if I see 0% un...
01:00 PM Klever Feature #9412 (New): Support more advanced calculation of total verdicts and similarity
The primary expert evaluation workflow should look as follows:
# Imagine there is no associated marks for a given re...


06:41 PM Klever Feature #9305: Provide a list of undefined and modelled functions for a fragment under verification
If you mean entry points then it is not a part of this task. Entry points can be easily found from the coverage repor...
09:19 AM Klever Feature #9406 (New): Ignore an another one useless warning from BenchExec (flawed measurement)
On my local machine BenchExec issues the following warning on regular basis:
Job failed b75957fa0f065e6bb02e67267d36...


04:55 PM Klever Feature #9396 (New): Allow creating tags with the same names at different branches
Currently each tag name should be unique.However, it would be nice to have the same tags at different branches of tag...


03:25 PM Klever Bug #9382: Button "Reports->Clear verification files" does nothing
Here is an example at ldvdev (ex ldvstore):
03:25 PM Klever Bug #9382 (New): Button "Reports->Clear verification files" does nothing
Bridge does not respond anyhow to clicking on this button. The files are still available and can be downloaded for ea...


07:12 PM Klever Feature #9381: Return back program fragment sized
Just to keep in mind, that this requires refactoring of the Clade source graph collecting extension, that is why the ...

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