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Aspectrace Manager, Developer 11/14/2019
C++TESK Testing ToolKit Developer 07/19/2011
ะก++TESK Development Environment Manager, Developer 09/07/2011
Castle Manager, Developer 01/12/2016
DUBNA Manager, Project Creator 07/21/2022
Fortress Manager, Developer 09/19/2012
Java SoftFloat Developer 10/03/2014
MicroTESK Developer 08/27/2012
MicroTESK Documentation Developer 12/16/2019
MicroTESK for MIPS Developer 05/17/2018
MicroTESK for PowerPC Developer 11/08/2018
MicroTESK for RISC-V Manager, Developer, Project Creator 11/02/2017
MicroTESK Training Course Developer 10/03/2013
Trace Matcher Manager, Developer 11/01/2016
QEMU4V Manager, Project Creator 05/14/2018
Retrascope Manager, Developer, Project Creator 04/12/2012
Retrascope IDE Manager, Developer, Project Creator 05/16/2014
Retrascope RISC-V Benchmark Manager, Developer, Project Creator 12/19/2018
Retrascope Test Suite Manager, Developer, Project Creator 03/28/2018
TestBase Developer 02/25/2014
Verilog Translator Manager, Developer 04/12/2012
Veritool Developer 04/04/2011



06:13 PM QEMU4V Wiki edit: Installation (#35)
Sergey Smolov
06:10 PM QEMU4V Task #11811 (Resolved): migrate to QEMU 7.1.0
Probably, PPC/Aarch64 disassembling is moved from QEMU to capstone library. Sergey Smolov
04:40 PM QEMU4V Task #11811 (Open): migrate to QEMU 7.1.0
Sergey Smolov
06:05 PM QEMU4V Revision d20e85bd (qemu4v): additional fixes (#11811)
Deleted-by-mistake code, outdated param
for build script, removed includes.
Signed-off-by: Sergey Smolov <smolov@isp...
Sergey Smolov
05:33 PM QEMU4V Revision 36405bf8 (qemu4v): Merge tag 'v7.1.0' into qemu4v.master (#11811)
QEMU v7.1.0 release is merged into QEMU4V
Signed-off-by: Sergey Smolov <>
Sergey Smolov


04:38 PM DUBNA Revision 2e196bd2 (dubna): install: fixes that make instruction working
I've walked through this instruction
and finally I've installed all the required tools.
Signed-off-by: Se...
Sergey Smolov
12:11 PM DUBNA Revision 08c0e2ab (dubna): install/ note about Acts installation
Signed-off-by: Sergey Smolov <> Sergey Smolov


05:19 PM QEMU4V Task #11811 (Resolved): migrate to QEMU 7.1.0 Sergey Smolov
05:16 PM DUBNA Revision d5d25762 (dubna): fix access to repo before clone
Signed-off-by: Sergey Smolov <> Sergey Smolov
04:20 PM DUBNA Revision b1196057 (dubna): add python-dev to deps; note to optional chapter
Signed-off-by: Sergey Smolov <> Sergey Smolov

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