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06:15 PM Local Support Project Feature #1962 (Closed): Please add new platform type: Linux arm
It will be great if you could add a new platform type: @Linux arm@. It's necessary for cross-platform projects like "... Andrey Ponomarenko


06:36 PM libUniFloat Feature #1932 (Resolved): Rename *_Unifloat to *_UF
I suggest to rename all @*_Unifloat@ functions to @*_UF@ (where the U is "uni" and F is "float"). So, this sentence:
Andrey Ponomarenko


05:49 PM libUniFloat Feature #1905 (Resolved): Add function: delete_Unifloat_List(Unifloat*, ...)
I suggest to add a new API function:... Andrey Ponomarenko


04:00 PM Local Support Project Task #1859 (Closed): New project: libunifloat
Please add a new project: libunifloat (full name: libUnifloat). Originally created as an embedded library inside the ... Andrey Ponomarenko


03:39 PM Linux Driver Verification Feature #1037 (New): Why the LDV needs to compile drivers?
The LDV is a "static verification suite" according to the project description. Why it need to compile drivers? Is it ... Andrey Ponomarenko


07:40 PM Linux Driver Verification Bug #1031 (New): Analysis of driver failed: error: linux/config.h: No such file or directory
I have run the analysis of IBM RDAC Multi-Path Proxy Driver for Linux (rdac-LINUX-09.03.0B05.0042-source.tar.gz) driv... Andrey Ponomarenko
06:54 PM Linux Driver Verification Feature #1030 (New): Create the configure script
It would be very helpful to create a "configure script": Andrey Ponomarenko
06:31 PM Linux Driver Verification Bug #1029 (Closed): "make clean" doesn't work for error-trace-visualizer
After the build of ldv-tools I tried to clean the build tree. The command "make clean" failed with the following erro... Andrey Ponomarenko

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