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h1. Command Line Options

Verilog Translator handles provides the following command line options:

|*Long name*|*Short name*|*Description*|*Default value, if applicable*| value*|
|--include-path|-I|Include directories|-|
|--library-file|-L|Library file|-|
directory path|-|

Detailed notes about described options are written below.

h2. Include directories directory path

The option sets is used to provide to the directories tool the path to directory where VeriTrans searches for Verilog files included from others. modules that the target one uses are located. Multiple paths are always allowed - in such case the should be separated by @:@ (for Unix) or @;@ (for system separator (":" for Unix, ";" for Windows).

When @a.v@ _a.v_ module uses something defined in @b.v@ (located module that is described at @/absolute/path/to@), there may be the _b.v_ file, following situations: situations are available:
# @a.v@ The _a.v_ file does not contain @`include "b.v"@:
"`include" macro - no '--include-dir' option should be used, both files modules should be given to VeriTrans, Verilog Translator and @b.v@ comes _b.v_ should be the first (@--include-path@ is not required); one;
# @a.v@ The _a.v_ file contains @`include "b.v"@:
## the
"`include "b.v"" macro - set full path @/absolute/path/to@ should be added to @--include-path@; directory with _b.v_ to '--include-dir' option;
# @a.v@ The _a.v_ file contains @`include "path/to/b.v"@:
## the
"`include "/relative/path/to/b.v"" macro - set prefix to path @/absolute@ should be added to @--include-path@.

h2. Library file

The option sets the library file that declares names of non-standard system tasks and functions. The file has the following structure:

<kind> (<type>)? <name>
<kind> (<type>)? <name>

* @<kind>@ is either @function@ or @task@;
* @<type>@ is the return type (only for functions);
* @<name>@ is the entity name.

Here is an example.

function [3:0] $myFunction
task $myTask
directory with _b.v_ to '--include-dir' option.