Command Line Options

Verilog Translator handles the following command line options:

Long name Short name Description Default value, if applicable
--include-path -I Include directories -
--library-file -L Library file -

Include directories

The option sets the directories where VeriTrans searches for Verilog files included from others. Multiple paths are separated by : (for Unix) or ; (for Windows).

When a.v uses something defined in b.v (located at /absolute/path/to), there may be the following situations:
  • a.v does not contain `include "b.v":
    • both files should be given to VeriTrans;
    • b.v comes first;
    • --include-path is not required;
  • a.v contains `include "b.v":
    • the path /absolute/path/to should be added to --include-path;
  • a.v contains `include "path/to/b.v":
    • the path /absolute should be added to --include-path.

Library file

The option sets the library file that declares names of non-standard system tasks and functions. The file has the following structure:

<kind> (<type>)? <name>
<kind> (<type>)? <name>
  • <kind> is either function or task;
  • <type> is the return type (only for functions);
  • <name> is the entity name.

Here is an example:

function [3:0] $myFunction
task $myTask

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