A simple utility aimed at generating C-Verilog synchronization components of a test environment:

Component Description
Testbench a Verilog wrapper around the DUT that generates a clock signal, launches a test scenario, and does cycle-by-cycle synchronization w/ the test environment
VPI Media a C API for accessing the DUT's inputs and outputs. It is used by higher-level mediators to transform stimuli to input signals and output signals to reactions
C Interface C data structures representing the DUT's inputs and outputs together w/ functions for synchronizing the structures' state w/ the real signal values
VPI SysTF Templates for system tasks/functions used by Testbench: a scenario launcher and a synchronizer being called at each clock cycle

The utility is implemented as a back-end for Icarus Verilog, an open-source Verilog simulator.

The utility is used by C++TESK, an open-source tool for developing test environments in C++.

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