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h1. Repositories

Supported types of SCM repositories are Subversion (svn) and Git.

h2. Repository access

Repositories are listed at Repositories tab for each project along with checkout command.
Repositories hosted at this site can be accessed through HTTPS or HTTP (from iSP RAS network only).

h3. Server certificate verification

If HTTPS connection gives the following error message:

@server certificate verification failed@

configure git client not to verify server sertificate for the current repository:

@git config http.sslVerify false@

or for all repositories:

@git config --global http.sslVerify false@

h2. Repository Repoitory creation

Project member with rights to Manage repositories may create or add existing repositories at Settings -> Repositories tab.

The following fields should be filled:
* SCM - Subversion or Git
* Main repository - check for main repository
* Identifier - unique id of repository {repoid}
* URL:
** For new repositories (repository naming is important for access control):
*** @file:///svn/{projectid}@ file:///svn/{projectid} for main repository;
*** @file:///svn/{projectid}.{repoid}@ file:///svn/{projectid}.{repoid} for additional repositories;
*** @/git/{projectid}@ /git/{projectid} for main repository;
*** @/git/{projectid}.{repoid}@ /git/{projectid}.{repoid} for additional repositories;
** For external (existing) repositories URL with read-only access is enough;
* Login - if needed for existing (external) repository;
* Password - if needed for existing (external) repository;
* Overwrite default settings for checkout protocols - if need.

* to create repository press *Create new repository* button, not *Create*.
* to add existing repository press *Create* button.