Git Repository Structure

This page describes the structure of project's repository.


Most of Git branches that are presented in the repository are user-specific and can be removed without a special notification. But some of them are seemed to be "persistent" - it is expected that they will be in use for a long time.
These branches are:

master - main branch of the project

efsm.conflict.extractor - a prototype of an engine that searches for read\write conflicts in EFSM models (written by Mikhail Lebedev)
cfg.dep.graphml.printer - a prototype of an engine that prints read\write dependencies betweeon processes of CFG model in GraphML format(written by Sergey Smolov)
model.adapter - a prototype of test system template model (written by Dmitry Razdobarin)
xml.test.engines - engines for storing Test model in an XML format and for parsing this format (written by Mikhail Lebedev)

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