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System requirements


Dependency Recommended version x86, x86-64
Oracle Java SE 8.0 x86
Visual C++ runtime (x64 only) 2010 x86-64


Dependencies below are known to be required for Ubuntu 16.04 x86, x86-64. Other Linux systems may require additional packages.

Dependency Recommended version x86, x86-64 package name
OpenJDK 8.0 i386 openjdk-8-jre:i386
libxt6(64 only) libxt6:i386

Packages can be installed by "sudo apt-get install <package_name>" command in console for Debian-like systems.

Requality bundle

Requality can be installed using bundle. For 64 bit systems it requires 32-bit version of Java and required libraries.

Version Windows x86, x86-64 Linux x86-64 Linux x86
1.0 (stable) Download bundle for Windows Download bundle for Linux [64-bit] Download bundle for Linux [32-bit]

When download is completed please unpack archive at any place. After unpack folder requlity will appear.

Note. For 64 bit systems you also need to set path to 32-bit version of Java in requality.ini file in form of:

"-vm <path-to-32bit-java>" 

As an example of <path-to-32bit-java> may be for Ubuntu:

or for Windows
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_45\bin" 

Requality installation for advanced users


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