How to Release the Tool

The following algorithm cannot be applied without granting an access to the internal network of the ISP RAS.

To release the QEMU4V tool do the following:

  1. Go to the Jenkins GUI, enter the "QEMU4V_Release" item and select "Build Now" option. If the building process was successful (see "Console Output" tab for more details), the tool binary distribution should be upload to the local Nexus update server.
  2. Close the resolved\verified issues on Redmine, mark them as published at the presented build.
  3. Pack the tagged sources into the *.tar.gz archive:
    $ git archive <tag-number> | gzip > /path/to/the/TAR/archive
  4. Upload the archive to the "Files" tab of project page.
  5. Publish the release on a "News" tab of project page.

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