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Andrei Tatarnikov, 03/18/2014 11:54 PM

Installation Instruction


System requirements:

MicroTESK is a Java application. It can be used on Windows, Linux and OS X machines that have JDK 1.6 or later installed. Also, to build generated Java models, Apache Ant version 1.8 or later is required.

Installation steps:

  1. Download and unpack the MicroTESK installation package (the .tar.gz file) to your computer.
  2. The installation folder contains the following subfolders:
    • arch Stores examples of microprocessor specifications and test templates for the described designs.
    • bin Stores scripts to run features of MicroTESK (modelling and test generation)
    • javadoc
    • output
    • xdocs Stores documentation on MicroTESK and nML/Sim-nML

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