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h1. Installation Guide


h2. System requirements:

MicroTESK is a set of Java-based utilities. It can be used on *_Windows, Linux and OS X_* machines that have *_JDK 1.6 or later_* installed. To build MicroTESK from source code or to build generated Java models, *_Apache Ant version 1.8_ or later* is required. To generate test data based on constraints, MicroTESK needs *_Microsoft Research Z3_* that can work under the corresponding operating system.

h2. Installation steps:

# Download and unpack the MicroTESK installation package (the .tar.gz file) to your computer.
# The installation folder contains the following subfolders:
* _arch_ Stores examples of microprocessor specifications and test templates for the described designs.
* _bin_ Stores scripts to run features of MicroTESK (modelling and test generation).
* _doc_ _javadoc_ Stores documentation on MicroTESK and nML/Sim-nML. JavaDoc files.
* _output_ Stores generated Java models of the specified designs (both source code and binary files).
* _xdocs_ Stores documentation on MicroTESK and nML/Sim-nML.