Building Project

Working in command line

In command line, use Gradle (via the wrapper gradlew):

  • $ ./gradlew clean

    - Clean the previous build
  • $ ./gradlew assemble

    - Build the distribution package
  • $ ./gradlew test

    - Run the unit tests
  • $ ./gradlew build

    - Build the distribution package
    - Run the unit tests
  • $ ./gradlew release

    - Build the distribution package
    - Run the unit tests
    - Create the tag
    - Publish the distribution package in Nexus

Working in IntelliJ IDEA

  • Open build.gradle as a project

Working in Eclipse IDE

  • Generate the Eclipse IDE project and classpath files with Gradle:
    $ ./gradlew eclipse
  • Create a workspace located in the directory with microtesk
    - Use the menu item File/Switch Workspace...
    - Browse the directory
  • Import an existing project called microtesk into the workspace
    - Use the menu item File/Import...
    - Choose General/Existing Projects into Workspace
    - Select the microtesk folder as the root directory
    - Select the microtesk project located in this directory
    - Press the Finish button

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