Downloading and Building LDV

LDV sources are stored in several Git repositories. To download them, you currently need a Git version control system installed at your machine. Git is free software, and you can download it here.

Downloading all sources

We recommend using Git of version 1.6.6 or newer. With this version getting sources is easy:

$ git clone --recursive

(you'll download about 900 Mb, and the build will span to up to 5 Gb)

If, upon executing the command, it says that --recursive is not supported, then you're running an older version of Git. If you don't want to upgrade, please, refer to downloading sources with older version of Git.

Current stable version is v0.8. To get it, after downloading, please perform:

$ cd ldv-tools && git checkout v0.8 && git submodule update --init --recursive

Downloading sources of subprojects (submodules) is crucial. LDV-tools won't build without submodules.

Building LDV-tools

After you downloaded all the sources, you may examine source:INSTALL file for further instructions.

Note that LDV Tools has a considerable number of prerequisites. A full installation of LDV-tools requires C++, Java and OCaml compilers, Perl and Ruby interpreters and some modules/gems for them, and a web server that runs PHP 5. A full and concise list of prerequisites can be found in the source:INSTALL file.

LDV Tools take one or two hours to build.

LDV Tools in Docker

To try LDV Tools without installation all dependencies on your machine, you can use Docker images as described in the tutorial.

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