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[[C++TESK Testing ToolKit]] was created to facilitate [[verification]] of complex hardware designs. C++TESK includes all the best [[CTESK]] abilities of FSM-based test stimuli generation and usage of pre- and post-conditions. To start using the toolkit is possible after downloading, decompressing, compiling with gcc.
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The toolkit delivers rather useful and convenient API to create [[test systems]] for hardware models. All the components of test systems based on the toolkit are written only by means C++ language. The test systems usually include following components: a test oracle (it includes a reference model and an adapter for the model), a functional coverage tracker based on the reference model, test scenarios. The test systems being developed follow TLM-like approach to the sending data between its components; both approaches are based on messages. According to the level of detail of the reference model and the carefulness of the oracle, the resulted test system can be called cycle-accurate, approximated, and time-free.
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There is a possibility of [[using C++TESK and SystemVerilog together]].
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[[Command Line Utilities]]
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[[System Requirements]]
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[[Installation Guide]]