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C++TESK Testing ToolKit was created to facilitate verification of complex hardware designs. C++TESK includes all the best CTESK abilities of FSM-based test stimuli generation and usage of pre- and post-conditions. To start using the toolkit is possible after downloading, decompressing, compiling with gcc.

The toolkit delivers rather useful and convenient API to create test systems for hardware models. All the components of test systems based on the toolkit are written only by means C++ language. The test systems usually include following components: a test oracle (it includes a reference model and an adapter for the model), a functional coverage tracker based on the reference model, test scenarios. The test systems being developed follow TLM-like approach to the sending data between its components; both approaches are based on messages. According to the level of detail of the reference model and the carefulness of the oracle, the resulted test system can be called cycle-accurate, approximated, and time-free.

There is a possibility of using C++TESK and SystemVerilog together.



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