C++TESK-Related Publications


A. Kamkin. CTestBench: A Lightweight C-Based Tool for Specification and Functional Verification of Hardware Designs. Proceedings of the 8 th East-West Design & Test Symposium, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 17-20, 2010.

The paper introduces CTestBench, a lightweight C-based tool for hardware specification and simulation-based verification (a germ of C++TESK). The tool is considered as a simple and extendable framework for teaching students (familiar with the C language), but is also applicable to complex designs and can be used in real-life projects.


A. Demakov, A. Kamkin, A. Sortov. High-Performance Testing: Parallelizing Functional Tests for Computer Systems Using Distributed Graph Exploration. Proceedings of the 5 th OpenCirrus Summit, Moscow, Russia, June 1-3, 2011 (paper).

The paper describes a method for model-based test generation and execution based on the distributed exploration of a system’s graph model. The key feature of the method is that parallelization is done dynamically and fully transparently for a user. The approach is implemented in the Distributed FSM test engine of C++TESK.



M. Chupilko, A. Kamkin. Runtime Verification Based on Executable Models: On-the-Fly Matching of Timed Traces. Proceedings of the 8 th Workshop on Model-Based Testing (MBT), Rome, Italy, March 17, 2013 (arXiv:1303.1010).

The paper studies on-the-fly conformance relations for timed systems (including, first of all, HDL models) and describes a practice-oriented methodology for creating and configuring monitors (test oracles) based on executable models (reference models). Actually, the paper formalizes the reaction checking approach used in C++TESK.

В.П. Иванников, А.С. Камкин, М.М. Чупилко. Проверка поведения HDL-моделей цифровой аппаратуры на основе динамического сопоставления трасс. Труды конференции 'Инструменты и методы анализа программ' (TMPA), Кострома, 10-12 октября, 2013 (paper).

В статье рассматривается метод динамического сопоставления трасс, порождаемых исполнимыми моделями аппаратуры разного уровня абстракции, а также применение этого метода для проверки поведения HDL-моделей. По сути, статья формализует механизм проверки реакций, используемый в инструменте C++TESK.

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