C++TESK Testing ToolKit is an open-source C++ based toolkit intended for automated functional testing of software components (mostly in C/C++) and RTL (HDL) models of digital hardware (in Verilog and VHDL). The main part of the toolkit is a library of C++ classes and macros that define facilities for constructing formal specifications (reference models), adapters of components under test, test scenarios and test coverage metrics. Basing on C++ descriptions provided by a user, a test system is compiled. It allows automatically generating and applying sequences of stimuli to the component under test, checking correctness of its reactions and collecting statistics on test execution. Besides the basic library, the toolkit includes a report generator, means for parallelizing test execution on computer clusters, and Eclipse-based IDE.

More information on the toolkit is available in the C++TESK's Whitepaper.

C++TESK Testing ToolKit combines results of the following ISPRAS's projects: C++TESK (creation of formal specifications, test scenarios and test coverage metrics by means of C++ programming language), C++TESK Hardware Extension (development of reference models of hardware designs and C++-RTL adapters), CTESK (automated generation of test sequences using graph exploration techniques), Distributed FSM (tests parallelization on computer networks and clusters) and Aspectrace (test event tracing and report generation). The project also depends on VeriTool (generation of C/C++ API for Verilog modules), which in turn depends on Icarus Verilog.

The current release supports the Linux platform only (for more information see System Requirements and Installation Guide). Supporting Windows is planned for the nearest future. You may download the source code of C++TESK Testing ToolKit on the Files page. Bugs and feature proposals can be reported in English or Russian on the Issues page.

The package available on the site has the restricted functionality and is intended for personal and non-commercial use only. Any commercial use of the toolkit requires licensing. Besides supporting all of the features, Commercial Edition includes the Eclipse-based C++TESK IDE and provides the technical support service. To purchase a commercial license or a 3-day training course, contact us via the e-mail address given below.

E-mail: cpptesk-support [at]

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C++TESK Testing ToolKit v1.0.26 released
C++TESK Testing ToolKit v1.0.26 has been released. The following things have been done.
Added by Mikhail Chupilko 7 months ago

C++TESK Testing ToolKit to be presented at DAC 2014
C++TESK will be presented at the IP Track, University Booth and PhD Forum of the DAC 2014 conference on June 1-5 in San Francisco, CA, USA.
Added by Alexander Kamkin about 7 years ago

C++TESK Testing ToolKit v1.0.24 released
C++TESK Testing ToolKit v1.0.24 has been released. The following things have been done.
Added by Mikhail Chupilko about 7 years ago

C++TESK Testing ToolKit v1.0.23 released
C++TESK Testing ToolKit v1.0.23 has been released. The following things have been done.
Added by Mikhail Chupilko over 7 years ago

C++TESK Testing ToolKit v1.0.22 released
C++TESK Testing ToolKit v1.0.22 has been released. The following things have been done.
Added by Alexander Kamkin almost 8 years ago

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