KEDR: KEDR 0.2 released

Added by Eugene Shatokhin almost 12 years ago

KEDR is an extensible system for dynamic analysis of kernel modules (device drivers, file system modules, etc.) in Linux. KEDR tools operate on the modules chosen by the user and can detect memory leaks, perform fault simulation and more.

Version 0.2 brings several enhancements and various bug fixes.

Most significant changes:
  • Tracing subsystem has been completely rewritten to be more versatile
    and reliable even on SMP systems.
  • A memory leak detector (LeakCheck) has been implemented.
  • It is now possible to restrict fault simulation to particular areas
    in the target module (if the kernel provides reliable stack traces).
  • Several fixes have been made for KEDR to be able to work on the
    versions 2.6.37 and 2.6.38 of the kernel.
  • Call monitoring for 20 more functions is now supported. Support for
    fault simulation for many of these functions as well as for vmalloc() group
    has also been provided.
  • The issues concerning parallel builds (make -j N) have been fixed.

Linux Driver Verification: Google Summer of Code 2010 project was merged to master

Added by Pavel Shved about 12 years ago

In the summer 2010, a Google Summer of Code 2010 project titled "Linux Device Drivers Quality Inspector" was developed for The Linux Foundation. Its developer was Andrey Tretyakov, and it was mentored by Alexey Khoroshilov. Within this project, an infrastructure to track changes in Linux Kernel's Git repository was developed, and the code called LDV tools as a "black box". The project was successfully completed and stashed.

We're glad to announce that the code developed during the program was merged into the master (trunk) branch of our project, and is now integrated with the rest of our toolset. You may find this code in revision 51e0ca2, or browse the repository. The component is now named "LDV-Git", and the code is now maintained by the LDV team (see bugs in LDV-Git in our bug tracker).

We'd like to thank Google and Andrey for their support.

Aspectrace: Выпущен релиз 0.21.22-alpha-100420

Added by Sergey Groshev over 12 years ago

Сделана единая модель источников трассы, работающих в режимах PUSH и PULL.
Добавлена передача XML-трассы по TCP-соединению (реализованы отправка на C/CTESK и приём на Java).
Реализована генерация отчётов о больших структурах покрытия во множество файлов.

Aspectrace: Выпущен релиз 0.20.1-alpha-100226

Added by Sergey Groshev almost 13 years ago

Структура проектов Aspectrace и Coverage реорганизована для простоты сборки проектов с помощью Ant и Eclipse и развёртывания полученной поставки. В поставку Aspectrace теперь входят все нужные для её работы библиотеки, включая Coverage.

В оба проекта внесено множество мелких дополнений (в том числе к документации), изменений и исправлений.


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