Retrascope: Retrascope 1.1.1 released

Added by Sergey Smolov 9 months ago

The new release includes the following changes:
  • Assertion: renamed to Property;
  • CFG Model: CFG model processes do not have their own internal variables: variable space is flattened at parent module's level;
  • CFG-to-GADD transformer: backend that implements clock detection is moved here;
  • CFG-to-GADD transformer: cmdline option that specifies clock variable;
  • CFG-to-GADD transformer: elaborate ranged assignments for bit vector target variables;
  • CFG-to-GADD transformer: one more auxiliary path in GADD model for terminal endings;
  • CFG-to-GADD transformer: reuse variables' versions upon CGAA model building;
  • CFG-to-GADD transformer: support for designs that assign to variable more than once;
  • CGAA model: renamed to GADD;
  • Engines: '--no-backends' cmdline option;
  • Engines: new cgaa-assert-extractor engine that extracts 'is-def' and 'is-use' constraints for every variable of every process of the design;
  • Engines: debug output file for engines and their back-ends;
  • Engines: enable\disable backend option by name for all engines;
  • HDL Parser: init_process backend that transforms initial blocks;
  • Models: support for 'BVEXTRACT(x y (SELECT z w))' constructions in left hand sides of assignments;
  • Model Checker Launcher: nuXmv 1.1.1 is in use;
  • Model Checker Launcher: pass Retrascope debug option to the model checker as well;
  • Model Checker Launcher: pass model checker error msg to the Retrascope output;
  • Refactoring: Range class is moved to Castle library;
  • Refactoring: RetrascopeException.makeException -> RetrascopeException.exception;
  • Refactoring: use StringTemplate facilities to generate HDL testbenches;
  • SAT Solver wrapper: z3 4.7.1 is in use;
  • Test suite: check variables\switches\basic blocks number at HDL parser test cases;
  • Test suite: jUnit test cases for CFG-GADD transformer that check path number;
  • Test suite: separate jUnit test cases for EfsmGraphMlPrinter engine;
  • Tool: bug fixes and general improvements;
  • Tool: renamed from "HDL Retrascope" to "Retrascope";
  • Utility: 'BVEXTRACT( ... BVEXTRACT (j i x))' expression transformation rule to the tool ruleset;
  • Utility: check BVEXTRACT operation's parameter order;
  • Utility: substitute SMT-LIB variables those names are equal to builtin commands;
  • VHDL parser: VHDL record support (non-aggregate case);
  • VHDL parser: ZamiaCAD 0.11.3 is in use.

The list of resolved issues can be found here

The tool can be downloaded from here

Verilog Translator: Verilog Translator 0.1.1 released.

Added by Sergey Smolov 9 months ago

Verilog Translator (VeriTrans) is an ANTLR-based Verilog front-end that generates an internal
representation of the target description. The representation is based on an Abstract Syntax Tree
(AST) formalism and on Fortress library objects for expressions representation.

The tool can be downloaded from here

Castle: Castle 0.1.2 released

Added by Sergey Smolov 9 months ago

The new release includes the following changes:
  • Dependencies: use Gradle 4.10.3;
  • Dependencies: use Fortress 0.4.33-beta-190722;
  • AST: new IntegerRange class;
  • AST: new Range class;
  • AST: new RangedVariable class;
  • AST: new UseDef interface;
  • Other bug fixes and general improvements.

The library can be downloaded from here

Local Support Project: Redmine 4.0.3

Added by Alexey Demakov 12 months ago

Redmine 4.0.3

Уважаемые коллеги!
Redmine обновился до версии 4.0.3, которая использует rails 5.2.3
В rails предыдущих версий найдена критическая уязвимость.
Нет никаких свидетельств, что уязвимость эксплуатировалась на этом сайте.

К сожалению, все плагины требуют доработки, поэтому пока отключены.

QEMU4V: QEMU4V 0.3.1 released

Added by Sergey Smolov over 1 year ago

The new release is based on QEMU 3.1.0 and includes the following features:
  • Basic support for PowerPC programs emulation
  • Trace generation for PowerPC (32bit) programs

The complete list of resolved issues is available here

The source code can be downloaded from here


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