MicroTESK: MicroTESK 2.5.1 released

Added by Alexander Kamkin over 2 years ago

What's new?

  • Fixed the TokenSourceStack class and moved it to the Castle 0.1.4 library (see
  • Rearranged the documentation
  • Modified the mmuSL code generation scheme
  • Added a boot section to the miniMIPS test templates
  • Fixed a number of long-lived bugs
  • Used the QEMU4V 0.3.5 simulator for running tests


Trace Matcher: Trace Matcher 0.1.9 released

Added by Sergey Smolov over 2 years ago

The new release includes the following changes:

  • Migration to Python 3;
  • Tool docs are rewritten into Markdown format;
  • Build system uses Gradle 4.10.3;
  • Bugfixes and improvements.

The source code package can be downloaded here
The complete list of closed issues is available here


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