MicroTESK 2.6.0 released

MicroTESK 2.6.0 has been released.
Added by Alexander Protsenko about 1 year ago

The new release contains the following changes:

  • nML:
    - Language extension: recursive functions
  • MIR:
    - Extended the intrinsic instruction set
    - Experimental support for path constraint generation for MIR programs
  • Symbolic executor:
    - Support generating SMT-LIB constraints in functional style
    - Experimental support for extraction of the CFG of a binary program
  • Experimental `all_paths` generator
  • Disassembler:
    - Fixed issues with decoding of mixed-size instruction streams
    - Performance improvements due to removal of excessive memory allocation in decoders
  • Added the trace adapter tool for collecting execution trace
  • Added the oracle tool for checking test execution traces
  • Used the QEMU4V 0.3.6 simulator for running tests
  • Bug fixes and code improvements