CIF 1.1

Added by Evgeny Novikov almost 2 years ago

CIF 1.1 was released!

There are following important changes and fixes:

  • Supporting additional special directive for source code queries:
    • $storage_class that allows to get storage classes for functions and variables.
    • $var_init_list_json that allows to print global variable initializers in JSON.
  • Fixing Aspectator to keep storage classes for variables.
  • Improving and fixing Aspectator’s C back-end:
    • Fixing initialization of anonymous unions.
    • Fixing conversion for strings containing hexadecimal escape sequences.
    • Increasing recursion limit from 10 to 100 to handle deeply nested expressions.
  • Simplifying the main CIF source file and avoiding errors of its compilation with GCC 12.
  • Adding new test cases and making the test framework more robust.

This release was done at the beginning of June.