MicroTESK for RISC-V 0.0.9 released

MicroTESK for RISC-V 0.0.9 has been released.
Added by Alexander Kamkin about 1 year ago

What's new?

  • Specifications: Added the system registers and the related modes
  • Specifications: Added sample specifications of some vector instructions (consistent with RISC-V "V" Vector Extension Version 0.7.1)
  • Specifications: Fixed bugs in the RV64A instructions
  • Specifications: Fixed bugs in the RV32{F,D} instructions (FEQ, FLE, and FLT)
  • Test Templates: Added sample test templates for vector instructions
  • Test Templates: Changed the structure of directories
  • Test Templates: Fixed the Torture-like template (synthetics/rvxxx)
  • Tool Functions: Moved the branch data generators to TestBase
  • Test and Debug: Used QEMU4V 0.3.3 for running tests