Klever 1.1

Added by Evgeny Novikov about 3 years ago

Klever 1.1 includes quite many high demanded features and fixes of the most annoying bugs:

  • Improving coverage calculation and visualization. Now one can easily navigate through covered and uncovered functions.
  • Updating CPALockator used for finding data races.
  • Proper processing of wall timeouts that is especially important for highly overloaded machines.
  • Advanced verification tasks scheduling allows:
    • Solving verification tasks faster by means of adaptation of computational resource limits.
    • Solving more verification tasks when having free computational resources after ensuring a minimally required quality of service.
  • Getting rid of some database caches helps to avoid unpleasant bugs in various statistics.
  • Considerable fixing and improving local and OpenStack deployments.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements.