MicroTESK 2.4.41 released

MicroTESK 2.4.41 has been released.
Added by Andrei Tatarnikov over 2 years ago

The new release contains the following changes:

  • Support for floating-point types in data sections
  • Support for formatted printing of values in data sections
  • Support for register reservation
  • Support for basic operations (_AND, _OR, _XOR, _ADD, _SUB, _PLUS, _MINUS, _NOT) with dynamic immediate values in test templates
  • Improved register allocation strategies
  • New permutator exhaustive (aliased as full)
  • Support for i386 in x86 specifications
  • Support for the NASM and GNU assembler in x86 specifications and test templates
  • miniMIPS test programs are compiled with the GNU assembler and simulated in QEMU
  • x86 test programs are compiled with the GNU and NASM assemblers and simulated in QEMU
  • New option --model-name to allow building several ISA models from the same specifications
  • New option --base-template-path for automated template generation
  • Bug fixes and code improvements

The MicroTESK distribution package can be downloaded from here: