Fortress v0.4.31 released

Fortress v0.4.31 has been released.
Added by Andrei Tatarnikov almost 6 years ago

The new release contains the following changes:

  • New standard operation FUNCTION
  • Support for new operations in VerilogExprPrinter and VhdlExprPrinter
  • Support for IO streams in XmlConstraintLoader and XmlConstraintSaver
  • New utility method Node.deepestCopy to preserve user data
  • New convenience method NodeValue.newBitVector(boolean)
  • New BitVectorMath methods: nandr, norr, and xnorr
  • Removed redundant size checks for multiplication and division from BitVectorMath
  • Bug fix in BitVector.valueOf(byte[], int)
  • Other bug fixes and code improvements

The library can be downloaded from here: