Google Summer of Code 2011 project was merged to master

User-friendly Interface for Linux Driver Verification Tools developed during Google Summer of Code 2011 was merged into the LDV project.
Added by Evgeny Novikov about 10 years ago

In frames of Google Summer of Code 2011 Ph.D. student Evgeny Novikov has successfully developed a project "User-friendly Interface for Linux Driver Verification Tools" with help of his mentor Alexey Khoroshilov for The Linux Foundation.

Within the given project a Knowledge Base support was developed. The Knowledge Base infrastructure allows users to keep results of unsafes analysis directly through the Statistics Server Web interface. Then these stored results are automatically applied to new uploaded unsafes in depend on different chosen comparison criteria. This significantly simplifies and speed ups the whole verification results analysis and makes the Linux Driver Verification project more attractive for end-users.

Also several minor issues of the Statistics Server related with usability and speed of page generation were resolved during Google Summer of Code 2011. One can see them here: #570, #1168, #1205, #1265, #1363, #1364, #1537, #1538

A Knowledge Base branch was merged to the master branch of the Linux Driver Verification project. It was successfully integrated with other tools, so stable Knowledge Base functionality is available beginning from 4ca264d.

We're going to continue develop and extend Knowledge Base infrastructure further. Keep in touch!