Requality 0.18 released

Added by Anastasia Tugaenko about 5 years ago

Version 0.18 of Requality has been released, with some new important additions and fixes.

The new features include:
  • Extension of type system for requirement attributes:
    • REFERENCE is a new type that represents a reference to another entity in the same Requality project. It is a first step to support traceability between Requality entities (e.g., high-level and low-level requirements);
    • lists are supported for any type of elements (previously it can be list of strings only).
  • Significant improvements in automatic detection of requirements in a new version of a document by Update Processor.
  • Usability improvements in user interface:
    • editors of requirement attributes are built into table view of the attributes;
    • requirement attributes can be sorted by any field in the table view;
    • new reports interface – report and report settings are now the different entities.
  • EXPERIMENTAL built-in report template for statistics from SVN. It provides:
    • graphical representation of number of requirements by revisions;
    • statistics of total number of requirements and test purposes for any SVN revision and their percentage from last revision’s count.
  • EXPERIMENTAL new representation of attribute generator for requirements and test purposes.
Also various bugs have been fixed in:
  • Headers document processor – fix error in case of absence of headers in selected document.
  • Update processor now saves the state of the original version of document before launching the requirements transferring.
  • Test steps sorting - the sequence of steps is always in order of test steps numbers regardless of project settings on sorting type.
  • Encoding in reports - fixes for non-UTF encoding.
  • Undo actions – undo was not working with alternative description editing.

A complete list of changes can be found in changelog.