Requality 0.17 released

Added by Alexey Khoroshilov over 5 years ago

Version 0.17 of Requality has been released, with some new important additions and fixes.

The new features include:
  • A brand new update processor that allows to automatically markup requirements in a new version of a document that has been manually marked up before. As a result of the update processor execution each requirement having a location in the old version of the document gets the corresponding location in the new version if the processor detects it.
  • A new sorting method that orders requirements by positions of their locations in the original document.
  • A new builtin report template that presents coverage information by coloring text of original requirement document.
  • Progress bar and ability to cancel document processors.
  • API interface to develop user-specific document processors.
  • Warning message if there are no available browser engines detected by Requality.
  • Improvements in markup support:
    • behaviour of locations-related operations is consistent now in both cases when Req Marker is open and when it is not;
    • performance of markup-related operations improved on large documents.
  • Usage of css classes instead of 'bold', 'underlined' and 'italic' tags in document importer.
  • EXPERIMENTAL support for requirements and test cases parametrization and re-use. It allows
    • to reuse requirements subtree in several places;
    • to generate uniform elements (requirements or test cases) using parameterized patterns and iterators.

A complete list of changes can be found in changelog.