Requality 0.14 released

Added by Alexey Khoroshilov almost 7 years ago

Version 0.14 of Requality has been released, with some new important additions and fixes.

The new features include:
  • Support for adding comments to requirements and test purposes that facilitates team communication and review process.
  • An option to choose a browser engine (Mozilla or WebKit) to be used in ReqMarker and UniEditor.
  • Support for custom report templates.
  • Search and hot-keys in UniEditor.
Also various bugs has been fixed in:
  • Undo/Redo operations.
  • Copying and moving nodes in Requality Explorer and UniEditor.
  • Document import process. Also now you can import documents with Cyrillic name.
  • Documents and requirements removal and its effect to related requirements and locations.
  • Update Processor.
  • Order of nodes in Requality Explorer, Properties view and Outline.
  • Handling pictures in requirement or test purpose description.
  • Requality help documents also have been fixed and supplemented.

A complete list of changes can be found in changelog.