Requality: Requality 1.2 released

Added by Alexey Khoroshilov about 1 month ago

Version 1.2 of Requality has been released with many scalability and usability improvements:
  • Requirements HTML editor:
    • support for preformatted text and indents;
  • Properties view:
    • search in history properties page and “Switch to…” dialog;
    • highlighting of current revision in history tab and revision selection in “Switch to...”;
    • speedup of history properties page loading;
    • asynchronous operations with attributes.
  • Reporting:
    • refactoring of reports hierarchy from plain to tree-like with unification of reports naming;
    • header with description of revisions in “compare versions“ report;
  • Requality interface:
    • message box after “Switch to old version“ operation;
    • asynchronous loading of requality projects;
    • better interface for Checker Rules editor;
    • better interface of Requality References.
Experimental features:
  • reference versioning with tracking if referenced elements are updated;
  • new report for debugging checker rules;
  • persisted ”show description on elements” flag.
Also various bugs have been fixed in:
  • “compare versions” report;
  • git operations — “Switch to ...“, “Reset ...“, etc.
  • internal caches;
  • attributes panel;
  • “mandatory attributes” functionality.

A complete list of changes can be found in changelog.

Castle: Castle 0.1.5 released

Added by Sergey Smolov about 2 months ago

What's new?
  • AST: new getName method at RangedVariable class
  • AST: Assignment class fields are renamed
  • Bug fixes and general improvements

Verilog Translator: Verilog Translator 0.1.3 released

Added by Sergey Smolov about 2 months ago

The release includes the following changes:

  • Build system: use Gradle 5.0;
  • Documentation: changelog and readme are rewritten into Markdown format;
  • Language: support for macro with parameters;
  • Language: support for SystemVerilog Assertions;
  • Options: `--library-file` option to include function library files;
  • Tests: test cases for QUIP and IWLS'2005 benchmarks;
  • Tool: bug fixes and general improvements;
  • Tool: error diagnostics is improved;
  • Tool: migration to Java 11.

The tool can be downloaded from here
The list of resolved issues can be found here

Requality: Requality 1.1 released

Added by Alexey Khoroshilov 5 months ago

Version 1.1 of Requality has been released with better git integration and usability improvements.

The new features include:
  • Reports gets meta information header including:
    • information about git revision of the project;
    • information about local changes regarding git;
    • user initiated report generation;
    • tool version;
    • time of report generation.
  • Support for switching project to a particular revision from git repository history.
  • Support for “Local only” flag allowing to ignore some folders in repository.
  • Search dialog keeps last settings during working session.
  • Better support for term definition-usage relation.
  • Report export operation ends with modal dialog message.
  • All eclipse plugins are moved to a single category.
Also various bugs have been fixed in:
  • terms handling;
  • repository operations;
  • versioning;
  • report generation;
  • undo-redo.

A complete list of changes can be found in changelog.

MicroTESK: MicroTESK 2.5.1 released

Added by Alexander Kamkin 10 months ago

What's new?

  • Fixed the TokenSourceStack class and moved it to the Castle 0.1.4 library (see
  • Rearranged the documentation
  • Modified the mmuSL code generation scheme
  • Added a boot section to the miniMIPS test templates
  • Fixed a number of long-lived bugs
  • Used the QEMU4V 0.3.5 simulator for running tests



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